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What we’re about

This is an adult hiking club; hikers must be 18 years or older. 

This meetup page is for event sign up only. To become a member of our club, please bring the membership form to your first hike. Membership Form.
You must be a member of the club to participate in our activities. We cannot accommodate guests.

About Our Club

This is a volunteer-run club.
Our trips are led by untrained (and sometimes unorganized) members. 
We are active during the spring (Apr~Jun) and fall (Sep~Nov).   

We do mostly day hikes on the Bruce Trail and on nearby trail systems within 90 minutes drive of Toronto. 
Most of our hikes are 15 km or less.
If you are new to hiking, please start with a Level 1 hike.
For more information, please visit our website at  or Facebook .

HPHC FAQ: (Please Read)

Pets and Children

Please do not bring pets and children to our hikes.  
If you wish to take your dog hiking, please visit this group:


Hiking is a dangerous activity.
All club activities are done at the participant's own risk.
Each participant agrees to voluntarily assume all risks, dangers, and expenses incidental to all club programs, functions or activities. High Park Hiking Club, its administration, event organizers, hike leaders, carpool drivers, etc. assumes no responsibility for claims, losses, damages, injury, costs or expenses due to club activities.

History of High Park Clubs 

There used to be one club -- The High Park Ski Club. 

The High Park Ski Club started at the High Park YMCA in the 50s.
We did all kinds of activities together: cross-country skiing and downhill skiing and snowshoeing and hiking and biking and rollerblading and canoeing and camping and dancing...  

As the membership grew and the focus diverged, we decided to separate the different activities into independently operated clubs. Thus the creation of the High Park Hiking Club.

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