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Training/Endurance Hike Series #3- Challenge Yourself!
Purpose of "Endurance Training Hike Series" Get yourself into shape for our Extreme (and extremely beautiful) Hike and Backpack Series next year (Toughest Hikes and Backpacking Trips in the East) from the Great Range Traverse across the Adirondack High Peaks, Presidential Traverse, Pemi Loop, Devil's Path, and Hut to Hut Eventsthrough the White Mountains, as well as some of the Toughest Hikes in Virginia: Three Ridges and The Priest....and another one to blow you away! Part of getting in shape is also getting your boot/sock, rain gear, and layering systems figured out that work for you, as well as getting your body/feet/legs/mind into hiking and backpacking shape. Once you complete our Training Hike Series, you will be ready to hike and backpack in any conditions without fear or concern anywhere in the world, since you will get lots of practice in rain, wind, sleet/snow, and darkness. -----------------------------------------------------------------UPDATE part duex: Details, changes, and maps ALL: PLEASE print all of your maps and the route directions from Hiking Upward. The trail we will stay on all day is the Catoctin trail, which is blazed blue. Another map is PATC Map 5 & 6, Appalachian Trail across Maryland, which also has the entire Catoctin Trail. Again, here are the step by step directions. Print them, read them, put them under your pillow at night: Here is the Catoctin map. It does not include the Hamburg Rd trailhead. Just pretend it is there at the bottom/south. I have marked the trail and endpoint to provide clarity. CatoctinTrailMap ( Group 1: You will still convene at the Hamburg rd trailhead, however you will all join into one car at that point and drive ahead ~7miles to another trailhead further up the trail. I am working on the exact GPS coordinates for your departure trail head now. The location is at the Fishing Creek Rd. crossing on the route. It's step "Mile 11.7" on the hiking upward link. The Catoctin map is needed for this group. Group 2: Meet at hamburg and hike until end. The Catoctin map is needed for this group. Group 3: You WILL NOT be able to start exactly where the hiking upward route suggests because the "Gambrill Lower Parking Lot" will be closed before sunrise. Continue about 300 yards until the road levels out and to the left will be parking for the "Gambrill Upper Parking Lot". [masked],[masked] . There are a handful of paved parking spots outside of the gate that you can use. Follow the yellow trail that runs along the road toward the overlook(IE, don't follow the yellow trail the other way, down the hill). After the overlook, hop onto either fork you like to eventually end up on the blue trail. Click HERE to see the Gambrill map. () For those of you wishing a shorter hike we also have a 7 mile option starting at the Manor Area Visitors Center and doing the last section of the Catoctin Trail. This starts directly off U.S. 15 North, just south of Thurmont, MD and just past the Catoctin Furnace (Ruins). Here are the following options for that day. Options one and two are definite. Option three is there for anyone crazy enough to do it and will only be available if another host wants to lead it. As always, a group meal will be in order when we are finished. There are plenty of great establishments to choose from so we will leave it up to the group. 1: 15-16 miles with[masked] ft of elevation gain. 2: 22 miles with ~3000 feet of elevation gain. 3: 27.9 miles with 4000 feet of elevation gain. **Dependent on willing hosts The hike is shown in the hiking upward link below. Hike one and two will start at the Hamburg Road trail head in the form of two groups. Hike three will be the same route, but starting at the Gambrill park trail head. If anyone does this section they will need to be sure to start in time to convene with us by 7:00 AM at the Hamburg road trail head. I'll need early-birds to help drop cars off at the end. I am limiting the number of people who can go on this due to the resulting logistics unless we have an abnormal number of people volunteer to leave their cars at the destination around 6:00am. Starting (Hamburg Rd) trail head: In Frederick, MD Google maps to starting parking:,-77.4370039+to:39.4848382,-77.4662336+to:Hamburg+Rd&hl=en&ll=39.462903,-77.442455&spn=0.047909,0.076475&sll=39.427774,-77.425203&sspn=0.047933,0.076475&geocode=FYmTWQIdw5Ji-w%3BFTUJWgIdtWdi-yk7l8PJMdvJiTHv23oNAWLL3A%3BFaZ9WgIdh_Vh-ylJCAzyn8TJiTEaPp7_lZN1xg%3BFXb3WgIdoXth-w&oq=RosemonFrederick,+MD+21701&t=h&mra=dme&mrsp=0&sz=14&via=1,2&z=14 GPS Coordinates to starting parking:[masked], [masked] Directions to starting parking: Once you hit Frederick: 15 N Rosemont exit Take a Right off the exit Go straight all the way into the mountains until get to the top with the trail head on your left. If you hit Gambrill park road at the top of the mountain, turn around and go 100~ yards to the trail head which will now be on your right. This is the breakdown from the exit: 200 yards: Sheetz on your left. 200 yards: Ft. Detrick chain link fence with barbed wire on your right. 1/2 mile: Shopping center on left with Bloom and McDonalds in it. 1/2 mile: Four lanes turn to two and you start passing farms. 2~3 miles: Four way stop with a church on the corner. Go straight. * The next intersecting road *with a stop sign* is Gambrill Rd. 2~3 miles: Reach the ridge and gravel parking is on the left. *If you reach Gambrill road, turn around, go 100~ yards, and park at the trail head on your right Google maps to endpoint parking:,+MD+21701&daddr=39.6722,+-77.4983&hl=en&sll=39.543239,-77.456431&sspn=0.377534,0.691452&geocode=Ff1pWQIdE89i-ynjrr2MDMXJiTGZHBG9vUdi2g%3BFYhZXQIdRHhh-w&t=h&mra=prv&z=11 GPS coordinates of endpoint parking:[masked], [masked] Please post what hike you intend to do. This is a beautiful hike close to home, so come out and join us for a great way to slowly work your way into shape to be able to enjoy all your future outdoor adventures! Group 1: Group 2: Group 3:

Gambrill State Park

Gambrill Park Road · Frederick, MD