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Carson Falls and a 7.5 mile hike in the Marin Municipal Water District
Located near the city Fairfax, CA, and deep in the hills; Carson Falls is a cascade waterfall with 4 tiers in the Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) near Kent Lake. HIKING DESCRIPTION AND ESSENTIALS HIKING LEVEL: Intermediate and above due to some hills. DISTANCE: About 7.5 miles OVERALL ELEVATION: About 1,500 feet. HIKING TIME: About 4 hours with breaks in between. HIKING ROUTE: Start at the Azalea Hill Trailhead and small parking lot, and cross the road, then beging hiking on the following routes; 1. Hike up Pine Mountain Fire Rd for 1 mile. 2. Then turn onto Oat Hill Rd and hike downhill for about 1/5 of a mile. 3. Turn right onto Little Cason Trail and hike downhill hill for 1.1 mile. Near the Litttle Carson Trail, we take short deviations to visit Carson Falls and take pictures if you like. 4. Turn left onto Kent Pump Fire Rd and hike uphill and downhill for 1.4 mile. 5. Turn left onto Old Vee Rd and hike uphill for 1.2 mile. 6. Turn left onto Oat Hill Rd and hike uphill and downhill for about 1 and an half of a mile. Along the Oat Hill Rd, we will have an early lunch on top of a hill. 7. Turn right onto Pine Mountain Rd and hike downhill for 1 mile, and back to the starting point. Dogs on a leash are allowed on the trails and fire roads, and also watch out for mountain bikes flying downhill. HIKING ESSENTIALS: Bring warm clothing in case of cold morning temps, 2 litters of water, snacks, small lunch, sometime to sit on during lunch, sun protection gear( sunglasses, hat, sunscreen lotion), hiking gear ( sturdy shoes/boots, hiking poles for the hills if needed), personal first kit, cell phone for emergencies, and an extra pair of shoes or sandals to change into after the hike. REFERENCE: Information about hiking and other outdoor activities to and near Carson Falls can be found on the following links; And information about leave no trace principles can be found on the following link; TRANSPORTATION AND MEETING TIMES CARPOOL LOCATION: Meet 7:30am at 11th and P st parking lot in Downtown Sacramento for carpool. Suggested carpool gas money, $4 per hour. For those meeting at the trailhead, arrrive at the Azalea Hill Trailhead on Fairfax-Bolinas Rd by 9:30am. Look for a small parking lot, which holds about 20 cars, and the address is Azeala Hill Trail, California. Free parking at the trailhead. DRIVING TIME: From 11th and P St in Downtown Sacramento to the Azalea Hill Trailhead on Fairfax-Bolinas Rd, its 1 hour and 40 minutes non-stop without traffic ( 1 hour and 55 minutes with a stop at a gas station/coffee shop/store along the way). DRIVING DIRECTIONS TO TRAILHEAD From 11th and P St or elsewhere to Azalea Hill Trailhead on Fairfax-Bolinas Rd, you can go online, download, and print the driving directions from your desktop PC/MAC; or your put "Azalea Hill Trail, California" in your cell phone gps or navigator.

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11th and P Parking Lot

P St and 11th St DowntownSacramento, CA


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