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What we’re about

This is a group for people who love outdoor activities and craft beer. The goal is to be out in nature with like-minded people and enjoy craft beers afterwards. This group is not restricted to just hiking but also other activities such as biking, kayaking, camping etc.

Most of the activities will be beginner or intermediate level with a focus on having fun , enjoying nature, socializing and having some beers. <br>_________________________________________

valid ID (to prove you’re 21+) to be served alcohol in massachusetts:

1) A Massachusetts Driver’s License;
2) A Massachusetts Liquor Identification Card;
3) A Massachusetts Identification Card;
4) A Passport Issued by the United States or a government that is officially recognized by the United States;
5) A Passport Card for a Passport issued by the United States; and
6) A Military Identification Card.

some (but not all) places bend the rules (i.e. accept out-of-state drivers licenses, other international IDs).

Pls bring a valid form of ID.

see #27 below