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On behalf of all the organizers of the Santa Fe Hiking Meetup group – welcome! We have a fantastic bunch of people, you’ll find everyone friendly and fun to hike with, and we think you will really enjoy the hikes. Meet other local hiking enthusiasts and those who are dedicated to hiking excursions near and far!

Browse around on our site in the Pages (https://www.meetup.com/hiking-399/pages/General_Information/?name=General_Information) section and take a look at our information about hiking preparation, etiquette, safety, and gear – good preparation for hiking with our group.

Everyone's pace is different and we want everyone to have fun. Should you find yourself on a hike that is too fast or too slow for you, your fun-factor is diminished. When using terms like “moderate” and “strenuous” each person interprets these terms differently. We want you to know what to expect from a hike and have the most amount of fun, so we have established a method to get everyone using the same guidelines. Read our Hike Ratings (https://www.meetup.com/hiking-399/pages/Hike%20Effort%20and%20Pace%20Description/?name=Hike+Effort+and+Pace+Description) for more information.

If you would like to donate to our group Paypal dave@nets.com. Thanks!

We look forward to hiking with you.
Happy Hiking!
The Santa Fe Hiking Meetup organizers

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Randall Davey Audubon Center

ATTENTION: you have to make up your mind: going or not going! RSVP blowers will have consequences.
No dogs allowed on this hike, sorry!
This hike is moderate, around 2.5 hrs, 5 miles roundtrip, and elevation gain about 600F, doable for average hiker.
Take winter hats, jackets, poles,gloves and CRAMPONS!

Text Daria, if lost or being late:[masked]

Day Hikes in the Santa Fe Area book launch at The Travel Bug!

Needs a location

This is the 9th edition! Put this on your calendar!


Sun Dec[masked] SPECIAL Aku Sierra Club Book Realease Part Sierra Club -- Day Hikes in Santa Fe Area 9 edition

Travel Bug
839 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, NM[masked]


St. John's College

This winter Atalaya hike is gorgeous, especially on sunny day, so we might move it, if weather will be cold , windy and cloudy!
But keep in mind: 8 miles hike, 4 hours, elevation gain is 1700F, which is very steep for those, who never hiked Atalaya yet!
Hats, poles, gloves and spikes are essential!
If you RSVP: keep your responsibility, or change RSVP for Not Going, if something came up!
Waiting time for a group is 5 min!

Text Daria, if running late:[masked]


Black Canyon Campground

ATTENTION: you have to make up your mind: going or not going! RSVP blowers will have consequences: they will be banned from all next hikes for one month!
I just banned all past RSVP blowers from all my future hikes: that’s why I have very few people attending my hikes! Just don’t want to hike with inconsiderate folks, who don’t care about the group!
Going to Black Canyon Loop Trails this time!
Meeting at Black Canyon parking lot.
Hike is 2.5 miles long, 1.5 hours, and elevation gain no more, than 200F.
Dogs are OK! Easy hike!

If you’ll go to YouTube search and print HOLISTIC WAY OF LIFE BY DARIA, you’ll find over 700 videos of our hikes, and much more!

Daria contact:[masked]


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Sierra del Norte trailhead

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