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This hiking group is for people who like to undertake challenging hikes and climbs in and around the Coachella Valley, as well as all of Southern California and the Sierras. We hike Mt. San Jacinto, San Gorgonio, Baldy and Mt. Shasta, just to name a few. Our hikes range from approximately 10-20 miles and may gain at least 2000 feet to over 10,000 feet of elevation. Our hikes are moderate to very strenuous. Some of our hikes include Skyline, Cactus to Clouds, Vivian Creek, South Fork and routes on Baldy. We also do a good bit of mountaineering and go to the summits of San Jacinto, San Gorgonio, Mt. Baldy and Mt. Shasta in the snow or ice using crampons, ice axes and full on winter gear. In addition, there are many desert hikes that we do in the winter, such as Jo Pond and the Guadalupe to Sugarloaf, as well as Painted Canyon in Mecca and many trails in Joshua Tree National Park. Our hikes typically last at least 6-15 hours and require preparation and care. Join this group if you love the outdoors, adventure, challenging hikes or climbs, intense workouts in nature, unpredictable weather and wonderful camaraderie with other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts. We also welcome hike organizers, so if you are interested in leading your favorite hikes, we would love to have you join our leadership team.

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Searching for Scott Swaney Juniper! + Lake (10,161) & Grinnell Peaks (10,295')

Distance: 16 to 17 miles +- EG: 5,000' +- My buddy, Scott Swaney, had come across a tree to the East of the San Gorgonio and he claims that is likely the oldest tree in SoCal and potentially in whole Cali. I did some search for this tree and there is no previous mention by anyone. So, I will try to find this tree and see if it is really at least in 30' diameters as Scott claimed. If this tree really has the 30' or + diameter, it will go into California Tree history as the 7th largest/thickest (girth) tree. Not to mention, this tree may also be one of the oldest. Right now, the tree by Baden Powel is considered to be the oldest for Southern California. https://www.monumentaltrees.com/en/records/usa/california/ So, anyone with experience in identifying trees or ages are encouraged to join. About 50% of the hike will be cross-country, and at sections with steep climbs (one section ~ 1,500' EG in a mile, and another 700' .4 miles) and potentially on rough terrain. Based on the terrain, I am not expecting bushwhacking, scree, or scrambling but it is possible and you should be ready if it turns out that way. Chance of scrambling in several areas are possible. We will also bag Lake and Grinnell Peaks, both over 10,000' elevation. This hike has the distance and the EG to be a very tough hike. However, we will move at a relaxed pace than some of my other hikes. So, if you are coming for a race, this hike will not be for you. The moving average likely to be around 2 to 2.5 MPH range. The hike will start from near the Fish Creek Trail. MY WAIVER: Any outdoor activity can be challenging, fun, or a painful experience, often depending whom you are with, even deadly and more painful depending on you, your abilities, circumstances, lack of judgment and sometimes just bad luck. Accidents happen. Any outdoor activity involves risk of injury or even death. Please do not sign up; if you are not comfortable with what you are doing, unwilling to take that risk, or if you think you don’t have the needed skills for the event. You are not participating in an event organized by trained outdoors people or medical professionals. No one is trained or paid to watch after your safety. You will be agreeing to take responsibility for yourself, your actions and not to hold organizer/assistant organizer(s)/group leader, participants, cooks, carpoolers or anyone liable but yourself by signing and/or showing up for this event. Please remember that if you are not capable to do this event or you don’t know your limits and still sign up, you may not only put yourself in danger but also all the other participants who are going with you. You further agree to pay for any medical or legal cost involved in case of an injury to yourself and request your heirs to respect your agreed waiver in case of an injury or even death due to any reason, by signing up for this event. Please also note that I may exclude or include anyone at my own discretion.

San Jac Boondogglin': Devil's, Willow Creek, Tram, Wellman's, Etc 16 M/ 4.4K' G

What: Let's Boondoggle! We'll meet at the Idyllwild Forest Service office (8 AM ish) for bathrooms & a permit before driving a short distance to our trailhead parking area of Humber Park (8:20 AM ish), where we'll climb up the Devil's Slide trail (starting around 8:35 AM ish). We'll climb up Devil's Slide. Then wander through the fern fields, passing through the "ghost forrest" & Willow Creek. Then climb "Tram Mountain" to check out the "tourons" @ the Aerial Tram & have lunch early afternoon. Then up to Wellman's Divide & check out the fine view there. Then descend one of two ways and eventually work our way back to Saddle Junction to descend Devil's Slide to finish @ Humber Park again. Basically a lolly-pop loop hike mostly on trail with a small bit of off-trail hiking. Details: This hike is approximately 16 miles long with around 4,400' of elevation gain (uphill). Estimated hiking time is 8:35 AM - 6:30 PM with a couple breaks to pump water, enjoy the views & have food. Bring: 1.5 liters/quarts of H2O with capacity for 3 liters/quarts and a water treatment device like a water filter/SteriPen, etc. We will get water 3 times along the way: approx. 5 mi into the hike @ Willow Creek, again at the tram station approx 8 mi into the hike, and finally approx 11.5 mi into the hike @ Wellman's Cienega; snacks to eat while moving, "real food" for the early afternoon lunch break @ the tram station, light layers just in case (wind breaker or light jacket, beanie, gloves, etc.); hat / sunglasses / sunscreen, a headlamp just in case (very unlikely, but...), any first aid/"drugs" you may need, poles are helpful, gaiters optional for off trail & a couple of stream crossings. Pre-hydrate by drinking ahead of time Fri & again Sat AM on the drive to the hike. Bring your Forest Adventure Pass for parking @ Humber Park, or buy one at the Forest Service Ranger Station in Idyllwild if you don't have one. My hiking style: we'll mainly stay together as a group for both camaraderie & safety; we snack & drink while we move except for short bathroom breaks or pumping water as necessary; we'll take a break at the tram station to eat real food / enjoy the view in the early afternoon; I prefer to hike at a bit faster then average pace most of the time [masked] mph uphill?;[masked] mph flats/downhill?) Weather Links: Humber Park / Devil's Slide Trailhead (AM start & PM finish only): http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=33.77572287842558&lon=-116.6909408569336 Tram Station (in the mid afternoon): https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=33.79113000000007&lon=-116.67557#.W0RJjy-ZNBw Contact me ahead of time if you have Q's:[masked] Meetup Rules: 1. *WAIVER OF LIABILITY: This group, its organizer, assistant organizers, event organizers will not be held responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur carpooling to and from hikes, or for any injuries or accidents before, during, and after group hikes. If you sign up and come on this hike outing you are acknowledging that you freely and voluntarily assume all risks of injuries and damages and agree to participate in the hike/outing. 2. No +1s or guests allowed. All attending must be group members who are signed up for this hike. This is for liability reasons and to allow me to get a feel for the group before the hike.

Climb Mt. Shasta. ( 1 day climb/backpack )

300 N. Mt Shasta Bl

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE WRITE-UP, PRIOR TO SIGNING UP. This will be 4th annual trek to Mt. Shasta and my second time posting this event. . Majestic and solitary, Mt Shasta is the undisputed monarch of No.Calif. Its the 2nd highest peak, in the Cascade mountain range. That title goes to Mt Rainier. The Plan. Lets meet at Bunny Flat TH ( elev 6950 ft ) on Saturday morning, 0830, Go over some info. From there we ascend via Avalanche Gulch, to base camp at Helen lake, perched at 10,400 ft. Upon arriving at Helen lake, we will set up camp. It will be crowded. After setting up camp, we will melt snow and more snow, eat dinner then hit the hay early, as we will be getting an alpine start, on Sunday 0200. Have everything ready to go, the night before. On Sunday morning we head up Avalanche Gulch. This is the most popular route to the peak. We will take several short breaks, as we ascend. Keep hydrated and nourished, as this is a demanding trek. Upon arriving on the summit of Mt. Shasta ( elev. 14,179 ft ) , we will eat, sign the register, take pictures and then head back down. After arriving back at camp, you can either stay another night or head down. That will be your call. It should be noted, that there are no guarantees, that we summit. Our goal is to summit. However, things do happen. Avalanche Gulch, isn't technical by mountaineering standards. However, you do need to have crampons, ice axe and helmets. And have the training on how to use these implements of mountaineering. Like how to self arrest, using an ice axe. There is also a good possibility, we will be glissading. Again, self arrest will be needed. I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL GUIDE OR INSTRUCTOR, I WILL NOT TEACH YOU, Im a fellow trekker, who is just organizing this event. Also, if you have to ask about what kind of gear is needed or you don't have the basic mountaineering skills needed for this trip, then this isn't for you. Please do not show up with just the, ambiguous southern Calif crampons, aka, micro spikes. They are dangerous and you will not be allowed. I keep the number of participants down, this is for safety reasons. We will stay together as a team, for the camaraderie and safety. If your conditioned and have the training and would like to join. Answer the RSVP questions that pop up. If I'm comfortable in your ability, I'll add you. Also, if you would like to attend, you should start serious training. Avalanche Gulch, is not an easy climb. Gear list. Clothing: Wicking, breathable base layer, top and bottom. Insulating, Weather resident mid layer, top and bottom. Wind and Waterproof hard shell layer, top and bottom. Parka, insulated, wool or synthetic. 2 pair of wool socks. Gloves, one pair must be wind and waterproof. Gaiters. Toque or balaclava or buff. Ball cap or wide brim hat. Equipment: 4 season tent. Backpack, ( big enough for all your gear ). Cookset. Sleeping bag, Winter rated, with water proof bag. 2 Sleeping pads, ( one insulated, one inflatable). 2-3 Nalgene liter bottles.*** NO BLADDER ***. Headlamp with fresh batteries. Map and compass. Sunscreen, lip balm. Small personal first aid kit. Trekking poles, with snow baskets. Camera ( opt). * Mountaineering boots, ( waterproof).* Helmet. * 10-12 point crampons, fitted to your boot. * ice axe. Shovel, ( small avalanche type ) at least 3 for the team, I have one. Extra large garbage bags. * Glacier glasses. Goggles , WagBag. Everything we pack in, we pack out. Leave No Trace. Other items I may have forgot. No plus 1s. No Dogs. Permits and wag bags are available at the TH. You will need a permit to Backpack on Mt. Shasta, this is your responsibility. Lodging is also your responsibility, I'm posting this event, early enough so you can reserve a room. This is the weekend, before Memorial Day. However, it will be crowded. The above address, is just a reference point, we will meet at the TH. AGAIN FOLKS, THERE ARE NO GURANTEES, THAT YOU/WE SUMMIT. If weather is not conducive to safe climbing, I’ll postpone this, to the following weekend ****************** WAIVER ***************** All mountaineering treks of this nature, require your attention to detail. Incidents do occure, injury and death do happen. If your uncomfortable with this waiver, then this isn't for you. Im not responsible for you. SAFTEY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, RESCUE IS NOT GUARANTEE

***SAN GORGONIO Dayhike***

Vivian Creek Trailhead

We will hike to the summit of San Gorgonio @ 11,503' via Vivian Creek trail. This is an ADVANCED event due to high elevation and a strenuous climb of 17 MILES ROUND TRIP and 5500' ELEVATION GAIN. The average pace is usually about 2mph. Please have a map and compass and know how to use them. GPS and/or MAP APPS are recommended as well. You can stay with the group if you have not traveled the route before. However, it is recommended to travel at your own pace and know the trail. We will re-group at the summit for our longest break. ***THIS IS A RECOMMENDED CONDITIONING EVENT FOR ALL BACKPACKERS REGISTERED FOR THE LANGLEY EVENT OVER THE JULY 4TH LONG WEEKEND*** Langley participants will take priority! ***NOTE*** For those that require additional acclimation. Hydrate with water/electrolytes throughout the day one to two days before the event. Be hydrated sufficiently the morning of the hike. Travel at a slower pace. Take small sips of water/electrolytes during the hike. Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink water! *ADVENTURE PASS REQUIRED* *No Plus 1's* *No Dogs* ***You must have a current picture of yourself and a completed profile with hiking history*** I reserve the right to accept or deny any RSVP for the safety of the group. If you don't answer the questions you are "NOT GOING". If you do not see the questions, send me a private email. Chronic non-attenders, double-bookers or no-shows will not take priority. CHRONIC NON-ATTENDERS (individuals that sign up for events and do not actually ever attend) DOUBLE-BOOKERS (individuals that sign up for more than one event scheduled for the same date) NO-SHOWS (individuals that sign up on an event and do not show up or contact the organizer with an explanation) ***TEN ESSENTIALS ALWAYS REQUIRED*** Including MICROSPIKES (NOT YAKTRAX) and TREKKING POLE(S). I recommend a minimum of 3L of hydration. Water will be available at High Creek camp (filtration recommended). Snacks, lunch, energy requirements for your personal needs. Clothing and protective layers for a wide range of mountain temperatures and conditions (that means rain/wind gear). ***KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS By signing up YES for this hike, you acknowledge and agree that hiking can be dangerous and involve risk. You are responsible for your own safety, well-being and actions. I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL HIKER OR GUIDE. This is simply an invitation to hike with me and fellow hikers. Bring a GOOD ATTITUDE because this is going to be awesome fun! *PLEASE NOTE if you DO NOT have your Meetup notifications turned ON, you will be unable to receive communication with regards to this event. "If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere" ~ Vincent Van Gogh

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