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What we’re about

People who visit the mountains often want to go for a hike.
And if you are an artist or designer (e.g. author, architect, photographer, video, graphics design, UX, etc.) , you often want to go slowly and talk and think about the things you are seeing and how it relates to your life, work, the world, etc.
This group takes shorter, easier hikes around Banff and Canmore. We like to have discussions while we walk. Also, it is safer to go with others because of bears and things.
Suitable for many ages and fitness levels, though good mobility is necessary.
If you are looking for 'fitness' and covering high mileage, this is not the group for you.

Get in touch and let me know when your best event time would be. This is a new group, so still working out the details.
Thanks and hope to see you on the trails.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events