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What we’re about

Hiking for Randoms is about meeting new people and the great outdoors. We usually hike in the south of Sweden, 1-2 nights, sleeping in shelters, tents or hammocks. 15-25 km per day, not very technical.

This group is designed for all levels of hikers - including aspiring hikers. It's a collective thing, it's about being in the present, it's about getting recalibrated. There's no competition or performance focus, it's all very chill. All ages, all genders, all cultures, no limitations. If you can walk, carry a pack, and maybe have some gear, you're golden. Dogs are very welcome too, so expect four-legged company on most hikes.

The mission here is a social mission. We fight loneliness, all kinds. Maybe you're new to CPH, and struggle to find social interaction. Maybe you have many friends, but they don't want to go hiking. Maybe you're one of the natives, and you want to change the reputation of Danes being super private and difficult to get close to. All good, it's for you.

I'm your humble organizer. I'm Ole - usually converts to "Ollie" when we speak English. I'm generation X, married, two kids, senior manager in FinTech. I'm also a collectivist, contrarian, aspirant progressive, and systemic thinker, optimist, romantic, with a passion for democracy, human rights, transparency, division of power and separation of church and state. So some kind of humanist, I guess.

I'm a gearhead, weekend hiker, trying to keep it light and comfortable too. I've been running hiking trips for randoms on Facebook for a decade, but Meetup has a much more diverse group of people, and that what this is all about.

Also, we like to share photos. So you could end up in photos. Those photos can appear in social media. Joining the group means that you have accepted this.

Rules - you must follow these rules

  • Signing up for a hike means you are committed to actually showing up.
  • If you are on the waitlist, you are ready to join when the opportunity comes, even at short notice. Otherwise you'll need to take yourself off the waitlist.
  • You may be required to pay a fee. You get fully refunded if you show up for the event.
  • You need to be self-supported and capable of completing the hike. If in doubt, Google it or ask me.
  • We stick togther during the hikes. No gaps. We hike at the pace of the slowest hiker. You are responsible for managing the gap behind you, not in front.
  • Only 1 named person navigates. 1 other named person can assist. Others refrain from navigation.

The rules above are not optional. If this is too restrictive, this is not for you. The rules support the inclusive nature of the group.

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