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What we’re about

The main purpose of this non-profit Meetup group is to allow individuals to safely explore the beauty of nature, and to learn, through our cultural  outings, how much this amazing region has to offer, as well as to explore other cultures and nations.  We go hiking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, biking, horseback riding, take excursions to museums, get private tours to little known places, get invitations to embassies, schedule self-defense classes, go to cultural events to centers of higher education and to foreign areas, get naturalist presentations, hear scientists speak of their discoveries, attend high-end book readings, get private tours at secure government and military facilities, and, of course, socialize with a good meal after.
Our outdoor events are not too strenuous, as we are out there to enjoy nature rather than to train for a competitive event.  For the kayaking and rafting trips, on some trips we arrange for rentals for those who do not own boats, but it is recommended that you own your own gear as it is much cheaper and easier in the long run.  While experienced individuals will enjoy our events, first-timers are always welcome, and all are encouraged to join us.  As noted, we have private tours at government installations, embassies, and wildlife refuges. We primarily engage in day trips, but we also schedule weekend getaways in well-equipped cabins in autumn.  Our events primarily take place in DC, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Members will need to have their own transportation for the events.

There is a $5 annual fee to be a member, and it should be paid online when joining.  You will have a two week grace period in which to pay the $5 dues.  This low amount for membership dues is used to defray our actual expenses for our events.  It does not matter how old you are, what your marital status is, your geographical location, if you have kids or not, or if you have a pet or not. What we are looking for, and what will make us shine, are individuals who are positive, outgoing, and friendly; folks who want to explore, learn, get exercise, and share a meal together.  As noted, guests, kids, and pets are welcome, unless the specific event dictates otherwise (i.e., if we visit an embassy). We are a social group, and all are welcome.  Our ultimate objective is a journey of discovery. Whether we head to the mountains, explore the forest, paddle by the riverside, or visit the big city, as we are all on a great adventure that is called life.

We stress safety on all our events, particularly those in the wilderness.  Therefore, on every one of our outdoor events there will be at least one individual leading it who is certified in AED, CPR, and First Aid.  If an outdoor event has many attendees, the leader and sweep will have two-way radios and be in constant contact with one another.  On the kayak trips, everyone must wear at all times a Type III lifevest that is padded and has shoulders straps.  Please note that being a no show or cancelling right before an event is not a good practice, as there may be a waiting list for an event, so we kindly ask that you refrain from doing this.  Suggestions and ideas are always welcome.  We look forward to meeting you, and truly hope you will enjoy our group.