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What we’re about

This is the elite hiking club in Las Vegas! Are you tired of getting lost while hiking?  Do your friends lack the desire to be outdoors and you don't want to hike alone? Are gyms boring and you're looking for a healthy alternative? Are you looking to have your looking to have your physical and mental abilities tested?

Look no more! Join our club where you will meet new and exciting people who have the same interests as you. Our hikes will take you to the best peaks around Las Vegas.  You will gain confidence, conquer fears, lose weight, and make new friends.  People join our club for the hikes and stay for the friends. This club WILL improve your life!

We are one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, professional, and ambitious hiking clubs in Las Vegas and we offer hikes and adventures throughout the Southwest.  The Hiking Las Vegas club was established in 2011 and yes there is a nominal cost to join us; but like like the saying goes, if it's free, it isn't worth anything.

To join us and attend hikes, you must take an annual fitness survey and sign injury waivers.
This will enable you to go hiking, backpacking, camping, rappelling and other outdoor adventures.

What is the 52 Peak Challenge?
The 52 Peak Challenge is a challenge to earn all 52 cards by hiking to all 52 destinations.  When you complete each hiking event, you will earn a Poker Card that is comensurate with that event. For example, an easy hike is a 2♣️ - Calico Tank Peak (3 miles & 500ft elevation gain) and a hard hike is A♣️ Mt Wilson (10 miles & 3400ft elevation gain). The challenge is to earn all 52 cards and on your 53rd hike, we will award you with a plaque, celebration hike and joker card. Please visit to see all the hikes.

Leave all the planning to us. We schedule the hikes, provide suggestions on what to bring, where to meet, and approx time we will be done.  If you want to be a better hiker, get into shape, spend outdoor time with your family, and see more of the Las Vegas area, join the 52 Peak Club.

The process to join the club is simple:
1. Visit and follow the link to join the Club. After your fitness survey and waivers are approved, you are now able to join limited hikes with the club.

Questions or concerns, please email:
Please upload a photo of yourself, so we know what you look like. You will feel more welcome and it's easier for us.

*We limit the number of hikers on all hikes. Safety is our number one priority
Join us today and you can be standing at a peak with us tomorrow.

Still not convinced? Join our Facebook Group: Hiking Las and see the fun for yourself!