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With the impact of COVID-19 and social distancing, and the addition of me breaking my ankle on a hike early this year, putting me out of commission as an additional leader, and leading my traditional Deems Hill Tuesday Evening Hikes, our hikes and get togethers have not been as numerous as in the past. With this the Trail Period for joining this meetup has now been extended for 180 Days , and you can judge are we the right hiking group for you. So enjoy our adventures and I'll be back on the Trail very soon.........Capt'n Bob

This meetup is for all who love the great outdoors, lacing up those hiking boots, hitting the trails and climbing the summits, and at the end enjoying a nice cold craft beer from a local brewery that appreciates the flavors of great craft beers. So if you love to hike, and you love and appreciate the fine flavors of an Awesome Brew, then Hiking for Hops is the Meetup hiking group for you. In actuality, if you love to hike and experience the great outdoors, and the good times that follow, even if you don't drink this Meetup is for you. Hiking for Hops will offer at least a monthly Hike for Hops that will Hike one of the many trails our state has to offer, then after our adventure, visit one of the many local breweries, brew pubs, or bars that feature craft brewed beers.  So, are you ready for some fun filled adventures, great beers, fun times, and friendships?....Then Hiker for Hops is the a group for you. So you ask; Why the membership fee? Well, we don't want everyone. We want members who truly want to experience the fun times and adventure the Hiking for Hops Meetup has to offer. We just don't want a collection of names or members who don't participate. Additionally this small group donation of $10.00/year will offset the cost of making this a Great Meetup by helping establish meeting locations, purchase group supplies for our gatherings and events, needed equipment such as walkie talkies, first aid kits, etc  for our volunteer leaders, and to be on the active list to receive our group newsletter, notifications, and messages of upcoming hikes and events.  It is not a prerequisite to attend our hikes. You are also welcome to bring a guest(s) along anytime. We have an Amazing group of Hikers and volunteer Trail Leaders, and we are always looking for additional trail leaders if you would like to get involved. We're a small group but a fun, serious group of hikers who appreciate what our beautiful state has to offer, but who also enjoy a good time off the trail as well. 

Until I see you on the trail, keep Hiking for those Hops.

Bob....or as I'm known Capt'n Bob

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