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With the impact of COVID-19 and social distancing, and the addition of me breaking my ankle on a hike early this year, putting me out of commission as an additional leader, and leading my traditional Deems Hill Tuesday Evening Hikes, our hikes and get togethers have not been as numerous as in the past. With this the Trail Period for joining this meetup has now been extended for 180 Days , and you can judge are we the right hiking group for you. So enjoy our adventures and I'll be back on the Trail very soon.........Capt'n Bob

This meetup is for all who love the great outdoors, lacing up those hiking boots, hitting the trails and climbing the summits, and at the end enjoying a nice cold craft beer from a local brewery that appreciates the flavors of great craft beers. So if you love to hike, and you love and appreciate the fine flavors of an Awesome Brew, then Hiking for Hops is the Meetup hiking group for you. In actuality, if you love to hike and experience the great outdoors, and the good times that follow, even if you don't drink this Meetup is for you. Hiking for Hops will offer at least a monthly Hike for Hops that will Hike one of the many trails our state has to offer, then after our adventure, visit one of the many local breweries, brew pubs, or bars that feature craft brewed beers. So, are you ready for some fun filled adventures, great beers, fun times, and friendships?....Then Hiker for Hops is the a group for you. So you ask; Why the membership fee? Well, we don't want everyone. We want members who truly want to experience the fun times and adventure the Hiking for Hops Meetup has to offer. We just don't want a collection of names or members who don't participate. Additionally this small group donation of $10.00/year will offset the cost of making this a Great Meetup by helping establish meeting locations, purchase group supplies for our gatherings and events, needed equipment such as walkie talkies, first aid kits, etc for our volunteer leaders, and to be on the active list to receive our group newsletter, notifications, and messages of upcoming hikes and events. It is not a prerequisite to attend our hikes. You are also welcome to bring a guest(s) along anytime. We have an Amazing group of Hikers and volunteer Trail Leaders, and we are always looking for additional trail leaders if you would like to get involved. We're a small group but a fun, serious group of hikers who appreciate what our beautiful state has to offer, but who also enjoy a good time off the trail as well.

Until I see you on the trail, keep Hiking for those Hops.

Bob....or as I'm known Capt'n Bob

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Battleship Mountain / La Barge Box from First Water trailhead

La Barge Box/Battleship Mountain /
from First Water trailhead

This direction is much easier and shorter than the approach from Canyon Lake.

Thanks to the abundant rains this summer, the area has greatly recovered from the drought and fires of the past two years.

More than a teaser hike to introduce us to the unique beauty of the legendary Superstition Mountains Wilderness, and hardly a challenge, (except for distance), this hike is on the same level of difficulty with Deem Hills hikes we have been doing for years, and a perfect showcase of the Supes' Wilderness.
The beautiful views and countless photo ops throughout the hike will slow us down sufficiently to avoid strain and exhaustion.

Along the Second Water Trail we will cross the Garden Valley, with the Hackberry Mesa on our left and the Second Water Spring next to an old mining camp to our right. The abandoned mine is only about ten minutes up the steep hill North of the camp.

Three and a half miles from the trailhead, the Second Water Trail meets Boulder Canyon Trail at the foot of the impressive Battleship Mountain.
Our destination is the saddle between the Battleship Mountain at the West, and the stunning view of La Barge Box to the East.

From this point it is a short, but steep descent into, and around the La Barge Box.
This will be a perfect spot for snacks and gossip, and all the pictures and videos you can take.

After that we will go back to our cars, and complete the day at:


DIFFICULTY: Moderate / strenuous
DURATION: 5 hours
STYLE: in-and-out
FACILITIES at Trailhead: restrooms, map kiosk

Go EAST on US-60 to the Idaho Road exit.
Turn LEFT and follow Idaho to SR-88,
Follow SR-88 to about 1000ft PAST the entrance to Lost Dutchman State Park to:
FR-78 (First Water Trailhead).
Turn RIGHT on FR-78 and go 2.6 miles
TO the trailhead at THE END OF DIRT ROAD.

Deems Hill-Crab Claw Loop

Deem Hills Recreation Area

This hike is rated INTERMEDIATE.

Dedicated to our Crabby Friends I'll miss on my Island.
Join us for an evening hike to get the heart pumping, and the calories burning at Deem Hills Recreation Area, where we will hike the "Crab Claw" loop.

Hiking at a moderate pace, we will make a lollipop loop starting up the Circumference Trail, up and over the saddle. Then traversing our way down, around, and back up again by way of the Palisade Trail. We will to stop for a bit at the summit to enjoy the lights below, then continue by way of the Basalt Trail, down the Circumference Trail, up once again and make our way back in to the trailhead. Bring 2L of water, a Headlight/flashlight, and good conversation.

At the end If you're not eager to run home, we'll meetup at one of our favorite water holes, "Mellow Mushroom" I17 and happy Valley road

DISTANCE: 5.5 miles round-trip or

ELEVATION GAIN: 800 ft or more


DURATION: 2.0 hours



PRINTABLE TRAIL MAP: Map Link (https://files.meetup.com/19124800/Deems%20Hill%20Map-Crab%20Claw.pdf)

DIRECTIONS: From I-17 and Happy Valley Rd (exit 218), head west on Happy Valley. Go three miles and turn right (north) on 51st Ave. Go about a half mile and turn right on W Deem Hills Pkwy, after another half mile the entrance to the park is on the east side of the road. Park by the soccer field. We will meet between the Dog park and the Soccer Field under the Street Light.

Payson - Washington Park: TUNNEL VIA ARIZONA TRAIL

Meeting@Target Parking Lot

Tunnel via Arizona Trail

From the Washington Park trailhead, the hike begins at an informational kiosk with plaques which describe past military operations, pioneers and economic development.

The route’s proximity to the river and its drainages makes a shady trek best done in fall or spring when water levels peak and foliage is at its most beautiful.

Colonel Devin Trail #290 follows its course from Washington Park to the springs that feed it.
Named for Colonel Thomas C. Devin who used the route for military endeavors in the 1880s, the dirt trail alternates between a rutted two track and a slender path and makes the last two miles of Highline Passage of the Arizona Trail.
The strenuous part begins where the trail makes a sharp left at the Tunnel Trail #390 junction: Railroad Tunnel - a quarter-mile difficult trip to an excavation site is interesting for history buffs and hikers who enjoy an off-the-wall diversion.

DIFFICULTY: Moderate / Strenuous
TOTAL DISTANCE: (according to Alltrails) 4 miles
ELEVATION CHANGE: (according to Alltrails) 1200
HIKING TIME: 3 hours
STYLE: in-and-out

How to find us:
Target store I-17 and Loop 101 : leaving at 7:10 a.m.


Washington Park Trailhead:
> From Payson, go 1.7 miles north on State Route 87 to
> Houston Mesa Road (Forest Road 199),
> turn right and continue 10 miles the “T” intersection at Control Road (Forest Road 64) in the Whispering Pines community.
> Turn left, go 0.6-mile and
> take a right on Forest Road 32.
> Go 3.2 miles to Forest Road 32A (sometimes signed as Belluzzi Blvd),
> turn right and continue 1 mile to the trailhead.
> From the big Arizona Trail sign, cross the bridge,
> head left and go right at the trail #290 sign.

Roads are maintained dirt suitable for all vehicles. No fees or facilities at the trailhead.


After the hike we will re-hydrate and relax at THAT BREWERY in Pine.

VERY IMPORTANT: (we don't want to leave anyone behind):
RSVP - WILL YOU MEET US AT THE carpool OR trailhead ?


If you sign up for the hike, and you change your mind------just change your RSVP. It helps the host prepare, and its polite.

Hiking Cruise 2022 - to include ABC+G Islands (2 dates)



ok.... the first item(s)

1) we have two(2) dates
- Jan[masked] includes ABC islands (Aruba-Curacao-Bonaire)
- Jan[masked] includes ACG islands (Aruba-Curacao-Grenada)
2) we require a $200 deposit before Mar 15th however it is 100% refundable until Sept 15th[masked]) new ship Norwegian Epic with lots of on-board perks
I have arranged all the items and this is offered on the FUN TOURS website
NOTE: the FunTours website is based on the Canadian Dollar (CDN) it is worth less than the USD
DEPOSIT $200CDN = $158.30USD
TOTAL COST $2300CDN =[masked]USD Flight not included...
6) ZOOM INFO MEETING Register in advance for this meeting:

------------------NOW THE GOOD STUFF----------------

Saturday - Flight into SanJuan
Day 1 (Sun) San Juan
Ian will take you on a walking tour thru Old Town San Juan, we will use public transportation to/from Old Town - to include - Castillo de San Cristóbal - El Morro - El Cuartel de Ballajá- La Casa Blanca - La Fortaleza- La Rogativa - Umbrella Street- The Raíces Fountain
Day 2 (Mon) At Sea
We only have one(1) day at sea, this is the advantage of flying into SanJuan, otherwise, if you fly into Miami it is two(2) days at sea
Day 3 (Tues) Aruba
Arikok National Park
Hike to the top of Aruba’s highest point – Mount Jamanota – you will see a 360-degree view of the island - including sand dunes, challenging hills, historical caves, abandoned gold ruins and mines, as well as limestone cliffs.
Day 4 (Wed) Curacao
Hike across low growing brush but more green areas, mangroves, desert type like area's, coastal area, rocky paths, flat foot trails, the elevation keeps changing, some climbing and scrambling involved going up a cliff/hill. - Flamingoes - Salt pans- Water inlet/saltwater lake - South shore - mangroves
Day 5 (Thurs) Bonaire
Begin hiking in a valley where there are many lora parrots and guayaba trees. It ends on top of a hill with an incredible view of Saliña Goto. You will see many types of birds and plants- bromeliads, cacti, olibia trees, and a huge twisted gumbo-limbo tree with its red bark. There are cactus and short thorn bushes surrounding you nearly every step of the way.
Day 6 (Fri) St Lucia
Piton Flore Summit - Immediately after reaching the trail head, we will start trekking through the St. Lucian rain forest. Surrounded by a thick canopy, which will help keep you cool under the shade, you will get to admire a great deal of beautiful flora and fauna as well as wildlife. In fact, some examples of the animals you will get to see on this trip include mongoose, exotic birds, forest crabs and even the possibility of seeing a boa constrictor.
Day 7 (Sat) St Kitts
Wingfield-Phillips Rain Forest Nature Trail - Protected since 1902, the Central Reserve Rain Forest covers almost 25% of the island extending from the foothills of the mountains that rise up from the interior of the island, all the way to the coastline. They’re lush, pristine, and very well protected – with little or no intervention from external parties
Day 8 (Sun) SanJuan
ElYungue Rainforest Hike. - The beautifully lush El Yunque National Rain Forest is located in Northeastern Puerto Rico. The hike along the El Yunque Trail will take you to the peak of the rain forest for a breathtaking vantage point. Hiking the El Yunque Trail is a 5 mile round trip, about 3 to 4 hours in duration, with a moderate to difficult skill level. . The trail takes you up up through the Palo Colorado Forest, to the Palma Sierra, and finally the Dwarf Forest.

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Last minute full moon hike @ Desert Vista TH

Desert Vista Trailhead

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