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Lecture Zoom! Stop Climate Change? Try Safe Nuclear!

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Is Nuclear power now safe? It appears that new advances have made it so! If this could be implemented it could potentially stop coal power plants from generating 26% of the current output of CO2 into the atmosphere!

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Our Speaker will be Dr. Alan Rice


Recently Alan gave us a lecture on the history of Earth and life (in 1 hour!)
He will talk about the new techniques for generating electricity through nuclear power and their advantages and disadvantages. At the very least you will have more understanding of how nuclear fission works!

We will provide a brief explanation of how fission works. Then we will explain how recent designs of nuclear power plants can be designed to not have runaway chain reactions or meltdowns and even consume their own radioactive waste thus solving the main problems with the older out of date designs. We will also outline the nations that are already building these new reactors like China.

Alan Rice received his doctorate from Columbia University in the City of New York through what is now the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics.
While at Columbia, he worked for Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory where he spent considerable time at sea doing oceanography, marine geophysics and marine geology, serving as chief scientist on the ships involved. He later transferred over to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. He then spent a length of time in South Africa modelling the formation of ore bodies through volcanism and ground water flow. He has given lectures at universities and scientific meetings across the globe (CalTech, MIT, Gottingen, Norway, Russia, France, China, Japan, Australia, etc). At the moment, he is an advocate of the Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor as it can ‘burn” (transmute) its own radwaste and change it into more benign material, this to secure abatement of the present CO2 influx into the Earth’s atmosphere.

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