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WHO WE ARE: Don't talk just play. Enjoy indoor basketball. We guarantee to organize at least 100 prime time indoor basketball games after work every year since 2001 but we cannot guarantee that you can join every game as there are so many basketball lovers but limited indoor basketball courts in Hong Kong.

Since its inception, it has been regularly organizing pick-up basketball games participated in by members. The games, which are held weekly after work for a minimum of two hours, are played in a Casual Full Court Match (CFCM) format in indoor air-conditioned basketball courts in different districts of Hong Kong. We also organize friendly match, training and league upon request. According to our statistics, we organized over 11,958* play-hours for our members since 2001. (* data till August 2014)

Our Age Range is from 18 - 58, average 30-45, 98% male, 2% female, 5' to 6' tall, 6 years or above amateur basketball experience. Language Spoken: English, Cantonese & Mandarin.

We don't use FB, IG, Twitter, forum, we just purely play basketball. Don't Talk JUST PLAY !! No Trash Talk !

WHO WE ARE LOOKING FOR: No BEGINNERS !! NO BALL HOG !! Few years of Amateur basketball experience players are Welcome !! THIS GROUP IS NOT OPEN TO PUBLIC, from time to time, the organizer and co-organizers will review your membership and reserve the right to invite you to leave our group without prior notice. The major reasons, most probably, are: we are amateur players and you are too handsome : ), too good, too pro, too green or ball hog. We would like to make an environment for the majority amateur players to enjoy the fun and fair games!


We use this meetup online RSVP system and PAYPAL payment gateway to manage all membership & payment. We are probably one of the High reputation, High events Frequency & pre-payment meetup group in Hong Kong to serve our community to promote the basketball fun and physical exercise.


CM (Casual full court Match)

- To allow each player evenly participate during tune-up games, we adopt a Casual full court Match (CM) basketball format. Each casual match is 15/21 points (2 and 3 points count) Or 10-15 minutes/game, depends on the HOST's instruction on the event.

- For 15-17 players, we will divide into 3 Teams. Each team/player maximum can play 2 consecutive games then seat on the bench to wait for another cycle.

- For 18-20 players, we will divide into 4 Teams. Each team/player maximum can play 1 game then seat on the bench to wait for another cycle.

- As this is a CASUAL match, we prefer you give ROOM for less-experience Player to run and shoot, don't argue or waste time in the court to discuss the right or wrong foul, the game is for physical exercise only, not for score !!


- BY INVITATION to Selected Members

- 10 minutes / 12 minutes per game * 4 quarters / hour * 2 hour ##

- Each player may play 1 game (more competitive) then wait for other round ##

- No referee, call your own foul

## depends on the Host's instruction on the event.


(pre-paid via paypal system which only accept US currency)

The charges as follows: * PRE-PAID via PAYPAL system in US$

- 2-hour game - max. HK$30 - 50 per head (US$4.5 / US$6.5 for RSVP, Forfeit all money if NO SHOW)

- 3-hour game - max. HK$40 - 50 per head (US$5.5 / US$.65)

* Inclusive of basketball court rental fee, booking fee, internet hosting, administration, basketballs and other facilities ... etc. *The charges may vary which depends on numbers of player and some extra cost of the court rental from third parties.

Even though you RSVP and PAID, if you don't show up for more than 2 times without prior notice to the organizer, we will invite you to leave and release the spot to other serious player. You know that, money is not that much important but your ATTENDANCE means a lot for other attendants !!

The CHARGE is NOT for SURPLUS (as your few penny cannot make us rich). The CHARGE is to to make your attendance on this event more SERIOUS as it is EXTREMELY difficult for us to book the indoor court in Hong Kong. We don't wanna waste our time or effort and don't want other 9 players in the court to wait for your arrival like a fool.

CHARITY ISSUE / SURPLUS / LOSS: We are a group of people who love basketball and we are a not-for-profit, non-commercial & non-political basketball group. Every game we held we may get some surplus/loss. To simplify our administration work, every game we will donate HK$50 to the charity organization, we wish your participation & contribution on this little money can help the little world ! We won't hire any accountant or administrator to calculate each penny of our surplus or loss as we just wanna focus to play basketball.

SPORTS INJURIES AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK: Most sports injuries occur without negligence (http://www.injuryclaimcoach.com/definition-of-negligence.html). When you voluntarily engage in a sport, we know, or should know, there always exists the possibility of injury. It goes with the territory. We calls it Assumption Of the Risk (you take responsibility). When you and your guests sign up here or step onto the basketball court, you accept the risk inherent in the sport AT YOUR OWN RISK. The group leaders, organizers, co-organizers, event hosts, assistant organizers have NO responsibility to compensate anything from your injuries or even dead.

OTHER OFFICIAL WEB LINK?!: We don't use web social media tools, NO Twitter, NO IG, NO Facebook, NO Whatsapp, NO Tumblr. Just Stay tune here !! We don't waste time to promo, we are here to play real basketball, not keyboard basketball.

BASKETBALL JERSEY ORDER: To show your support, you may order our LA STAR LOGO JERSEY via



Our New League Team - LA STAR was born on Sep. 2017 which we have 13 Teammates for the coming Oct Indoor basketball league. We won the 1st runner

Our Second Season for LA STAR has 20 players on Mar. 2017, in which we have two Teams - ULTRA LA STAR & SUPER LA STAR. We won the champion in one of the division of that private league.

Our Third Season for LA STAR has 19 players on Oct. 2017, in which we have two Teams - ULTRA LA STAR & SUPER LA STAR & we are the Championship & Second Runner.

Our Fourth Season for LA STAR started on April 2019......

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