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In 2008 I had my first taste of touchtennis and my first thought were nothing special, a sponge ball, a 21 inch racket and a court size of a mini red tennis court.

Rallies were short and very hard to play with my flat style. The sponge ball wasn't responsive and the junior tennis rackets had no power or control, but my second encounter had me hooked,a new official touchtennis ball had been developed with a specific cut foam. Major Tennis brands start developing 21 inch rackets that could be restrung to 50lbs upwards without breaking, and top quality string like natural Gut were used.

I felt like a kid again,watching Wimbledon in the 80s and copying the serve and volley I was able to implement this into my touchtennis game.

This new exciting sport grew with momentum and now with tournaments all over the world with world rankings. Former ATP/WTA inside 200 taking part in competition and your hoping to drawn against them.

So in 2012 after residing to Hong Kong and found tennis court booking extremely difficult, I decided I had to bring touchtennis to you in China.

So 2013 I met the founder of this exciting new sport and used all my contacts and my tennis experiences to be China's ambassador for this sport.

From then I have introduced this to my Tennis buddies and everyone I knew said its ideal and felt like the real thing for Hong Kong with the lack of space and court availability. Some players has even stated that their game improved and some players were like me to be able to hit a serve and volley and have the big smile all week and still talk about it after months.......

Since my friends were happy with touchtennis I decided to go a step further, approach LCSD to view in building official touchtennis courts like Spain France USA Belgium Germany Australia UK Hungary and many more as you read this!..

I found Hong Kong was a tougher market to crack, so I've Teamed up with some local tennis experts Parco Chung from Happy Tennis and Toby Leung from i open and bring this to you.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful new sport and support us so we can bring the professional touchtennis players here to compete in a Hong Kong China Open and we get more players from all ages and abilities playing this sport..

You can play fast , slow or like pro ....

WARNING!!!!!.. This new sport is like a drug, once start playing it becomes addictive, easy to pick up and Crazy amount FUN!!!

YOU can contact us to buy a starter kit ( 2 rackets ,one 6.1meter net and 3 Official Foam Balls and play at a location of your choice anytime!!

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Fun touchtennis with match play all levels

Hong Kong Tennis Association

Fun touchtennis with match play all levels

Hong Kong Tennis Association

Fun touchtennis with match play all levels

Causeway Bay Sports Ground (next to Central Library, Opp Vic park)


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