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What we’re about

This Meetup group is for the Hong Kong Insight Meditation Society's Monday night group practice in Central.

We are an English speaking group of established meditators who meet every week to hear dharma talks, learn from established teachers, take part in formal silent self-practice, as well as to share and discuss our direct experiences with one another. Ideal for those looking for support, we are here to support one another in maintaining the practice, whether you are just beginning or have been on a dozen retreats.

We welcome meditators who already have an established practice, as well as beginners who are new to meditation.  If you are a complete beginner, who has never practiced on their own before, please read the details for beginners new to meditation.

In line with HKIMS's objectives, this group's primary focus is on practices and teachings relating to Vipassana (Insight) Buddhist Meditation.  We welcome practitioners inspired by all Buddhist traditions, as well as non-Buddhists.

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The group has 3 key areas of focus:-


The primary purpose of this group is to provide a space and environment for practicing meditation on a regular weekly basis.  We do this as a group of established practitioners, integrating the opportunity to practice each week, as part of our own individual routine practice, paths of discovery, and self-learning.


In order to support the practice and the path, we also take time to learn from established teachers and from the Buddhist teachings.  We do this through listening to recorded dharma talks by established teachers, or through listening to our own HKIMS teachers in person, as well as raising discussion topics with the group on aspects of our learning.

For information on Vipassana Meditation, visit our Resources section for relevant articles for beginners and experienced meditators.


We seek to foster a close community of fellow practitioners, supporting one another through our journey of exploration and development.  As part of the evening, we will discuss and explore together spiritual teachings as taught by the Buddha, as well as each of our own direct experiences and challenges with ones own practice.


We welcome complete beginners who have never meditated before, but we are not usually able to provide in-depth teaching - beginners are very welcome to sit in and listen and take part in the evening where possible.

Once a month the group is lead by a HKIMS teacher, who will be able to offer more instruction and guidance for complete beginners.  For the other weeks, an experienced member of the group can provide an offline 5 min meditation introduction prior to the silent practice session, with a set of basic meditation guidelines made available to beginners to read and try during the 30-45min silent sit. You should be prepared to sit silently during that period, to read any handouts and to try out the guided meditations provided.

We encourage you to make the effort to read the meditation instructions here before you attend so that you can get the most out of the evening.

We also recommend you explore our website for details of upcoming One-day retreats (led by experienced meditation teachers) as well as other resources and articles for beginners.

Additionally, you may wish to join the Integrated Medicine Institute Monday evening 6:15pm mindfulness beginner's class which is held at the same venue.

​Structure and guidelines

We meet every Monday by 7:30pm at the Integrated Medicine Institute, 17/F Kailey Tower, 16 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong.  The group is usually self-facilitated by established members.  Once per month, the group is lead by an established or visiting HKIMS teacher.

The typical schedule we follow is:-

• 7:30pm Initial silent sit followed by introductions

• 7:40pm  Listen to recorded Dharma talk, or to HKIMS teacher (attending once per month)

• 8:15pm  Silent practice

• 9:00pm  Open sharing and discussion

• 9:30pm  Finish

Please bear in mind the following guidelines when joining the group:-

• Please turn all phones to SILENT, including silencing vibration alerts - if need be, turn off your phone completely. Please try to also refrain from using your phone during the course of the evening.

• If you arrive late, please take care to come in quietly and remove your shoes outside so as not to disturb others.

• In respect of the Dhamma and the group, please try to refrain from leaving before the end of the evening.

• The Monday night sessions are offered on the Buddhist principle of dana, or generosity. If you feel appreciative, you can also cultivate the practice of generosity by offering donations to help support teachers and other expenses involved in Dhamma work.

• We encourage all mindfulness practitioners to make time for retreats regularly as part of their meditation practice. Please see our guide to upcoming HKIMS retreats here.

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