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The objective of our group is to bring like minded people or those interested in dipping their toe gently in to Spirituality and where we come together to experience, try new things, learn and practice - Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Energy Healing and Sacred Sound Healing, Feng Shui. We aim to provide a peaceful environment for healing and learning for those who wish to discover the gifts of these ancient practices.

The reason we love all of these different healing arts is through our own experience we have found that peace from them. Whether it is at the end of a yoga class, during reiki or singing bowl treatment people are at ‘PEACE’ which is a real rarity in our busy lives today, so practising or trying out any of these is really a gift to yourself to take time out for you and find some peace!

“If there is no inner peace within the individuals of a society, there can be no external peace.” Swamiji Vishnu Devananda

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Egyptian Energies

Celtic School of Sound Healing

Isis Seichim Reiki and Egyptian Cartouche Initiations Intensive 2 day Master Degree certified workshop in Egyptian energies. Please Note: This workshop is open to Reiki Masters only. The sacred fire energy of both healing systems (which fully compliment each other) is too potent for beginners to take into their energy systems. Attendance at this workshop is limited to four people only. You will need to submit evidence of Reiki Master Certs to be accepted. You will be able to attune others into this system on receipt of your Master Certificates. Day1: Journey to the Temple Attunement to Isis Seichim Reiki - Practitioner Degree. Isis Seichim is a beautiful way of accessing the energy of the Great Mother and a path to deeper self realisation and empowerment. It balances and re-aligns aspects of ourselves on the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels. It thus expands the individuals capacity to anchor more light and love and to ground the essential life force within our bodies and energy systems. Day 2: Attunement to Isis Seichim Master Degree and Initiation to Egyptian Cartouche Practitioner and Master Degree. The Egyptian Cartouche healing system is an advanced level healing system. The ancient Egyptian symbols used in the initiation capture the essence of the forces/ energies that govern the universe. Many believe the ancient Egyptians gained their knowledge of these forces from the more ancient Atlanteans who, in turn, were instructed by beings from the Sirius star system. The Initiation into the Egyptian Cartouche brings about a state of heightened awareness and clarity. It serves to connect the higher energies of heart, 3rd eye, soul star and soul and further opens the heart to love and compassion. It connects the student to higher thought patterns and enhances healing powers and psychic development and leads to greater accuracy for those who do readings of any sort, eg Tarot, chanelling etc. We will complete the process with a Sound Bath as we bathe in healing frequencies to help assimilate the energies. Cost: €300 includes Emanual to both systems. 250 if booked by Early Bird Deposit €50.00 to secure your place via Paypal to [masked] Deposit non refundable except in the case of cancellation by the host. Please enquire as to availability before paying your deposit. Contact [masked] Thank you.

Spring into Vibrant Health with Essential Oils and Self Love!

Superboost your 2019 with doTERRA Essential Oils! Come learn how these oils can be used as a natural alternative or compliment to the medicine cabinet or incorporated into green cleaning or natural personal care/beauty products at home. I will explain how they offer a genuine solution that's safe, effective, natural and without the same side-effect concerns of conventional medicines. During the class we will explore: What actually is an essential oil and why they are super for health What makes dōTERRA oils different and why that matters The different ways you can use these oils (*safety notes) A dive into 10 most popular oils that form a kit called the family / home essentials kit - you'll get to smell them & learn a few key uses at home to support: Essential Oils can support dealing with the following: coughs, congestion & sore throats a strong immune system fevers & flu winter blues & SAD aches & pains better sleep, weight loss healthy digestion system At every class you'll also have the opportunity to try a citrus oil in water. At the end of the class I will share with you the best way to get the oils if you're wanting to do so Investment :10eu If you'd like a sample to address an ailment prior to coming to a class, please get in touch as I'd love to get something to you. Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/spring-into-vibrant-health-with-essential-oils-and-eft-self-love-for-2019-tickets-58021808792

Sacred Sounds Group Healing

Celtic School of Sound Healing

You are warmly invited to experience this Divine Sound Journey to the pure crystalline tones of Clear Quartz Crystal Harp tuned to 432Hz, Clear Quartz Pyramids and Singing Bowls, along with sacred Gong waves and Angelic frequencies. We will begin with a guided meditation inviting Archangels and other beings of Light to hold our sacred space as we connect with the new crystalline Earth grids of silver white fire, and the golden white fire of the central Sun. Then we will embark upon the sacred sound journey as the pure crystalline tones wash over us, enabling the opening, clearing and expansion of our energy fields, expanding our heart chakras, emanating waves of Love. We will thus open ourselves to greater levels of Light and realign with our true Soul Purpose. See this then being anchored it back into our daily lives in a tangible way, strengthening our immune systems, bringing greater joy and peace into our relationships, dissolving cords and adjusting to a better way of Being on every level. Time[masked]pm Cost €20.00. Block booking discounts available to people on my Events List only. To join please email me or subscribe to Newsletter through the website. http://celticschoolofsoundhealing.com/ Looking forward to sharing this very special experience with you soon . xxx Carmel Please bring a pillow and a blanket, mats provided.

Foundation in Sound Therapy

Celtic School of Sound Healing

Certified Foundation in Sound Healing. Level 1 is a stand alone workshop as well as a component module of the Practitioner and Diploma Awards in Sound Therapy. In this Workshop you will learn techniques that will empower you personally, and enable you to give deep sound healing treatments to your friends and family, as well as being certified to enhance the other healing modalities you may already practice such as Reiki, Refelxology, Massage, Yoga etc. You will learn about Ireland's ancient traditions and how they are still alive today. We will connect with our ancient roots and Celtic shamanic practices via ritual and sacred sound. CONTENT: Creating Sacred Space: Cleansing and Purification. Connecting to the Celtic Sacred Directions and to the Elemental Kingdoms through Celtic Ritual. Connecting to the Sacred Sound Stream. The World Tree, An Crann Bíle. The Three Realms. The Irish Traditions. Smudging, sageing, essential oils for space clearing and grounding. Introduction: What is Sound Healing, its’ roots in ancient Irish culture and cultures from around the world. The science of how and why it works. The Chakras, their functions and associations, colours, tones, planetary influences, metals, elements etc. The Power of Voice: Toning and Chanting Learn the Seed Sounds of wisdom and healing. Work with the Sounds of Power to balance the chakra system. Celtic Invocation of the Three Realms, connecting to the Spirit of the Land. Celtic Fonnsheen. The Three Illuminations. Practise Chants and Mantras from various worldwide traditions. Shruti Singing. Drum chanting. Overtones and Tone Improvisation Search for your personal Healing Song. The Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies: What they are and how they are used in Sound healing. Sacred Solfeggio Meditation. Himalayan Singing Bowls: Origins, history and usage. Feel their power, experience their tones, overtones and resonances. Learn their uses, how to select one and how to care for it. The Power of Intention. Connection to the Sacred Web of Light. Inventory of Caution. Experiential exercises. Learn how to give a full Aura Cleansing using a single Himalayan Singing Bowl. Learn how to give a powerful one-to-one healing treatment with a single Himalayan Singing Bowl. Introduction to Tuning Forks, Crystal Bowls, Drum, Shruti Box and Gong along with other grounding instruments. Course Fee: 2 days €350.00 includes E Manual and Workbook. Enjoy a Gong Bath session to finish, cleansing, removing blockages, dissolving stress and restoring to balance. Deposit €100.00 secures your place. Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment :) As places book up fast, please enquire about availability before paying deposit by emailing [masked] Further Information at http://celticschoolofsoundhealing.com/ Thank you :) Carmel x

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Celtic School of Sound Healing

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