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The objective of our group is to bring like minded people or those interested in dipping their toe gently in to Spirituality and where we come together to experience, try new things, learn and practice - Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Energy Healing and Sacred Sound Healing, Feng Shui. We aim to provide a peaceful environment for healing and learning for those who wish to discover the gifts of these ancient practices.

The reason we love all of these different healing arts is through our own experience we have found that peace from them. Whether it is at the end of a yoga class, during reiki or singing bowl treatment people are at ‘PEACE’ which is a real rarity in our busy lives today, so practising or trying out any of these is really a gift to yourself to take time out for you and find some peace!

“If there is no inner peace within the individuals of a society, there can be no external peace.” Swamiji Vishnu Devananda

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Celtic School of Sound Healing

Reiki, (pronounced (Ray Key), is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy that promotes balance, wholeness, healing and consciousness. It is a releaser, activator, energizer and transformer of energy. Reiki involves the transfer of powerful life force energy through the Practitioner to the client using a holistic hands on technique, thereby enhancing their ability to heal themselves. When a person undergoes a session they take into themselves energy at its maximum vibration to beneficial effects. It is particularly effective for stress related disorders such as anxiety and depression. The main benefit of First Degree Reiki is to learn how to heal ourselves by creating balance between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. Reiki 1 begins the process of aligning ourselves with the powerful healing life force energy of the universe.You will learn how to give yourself a self healing with specific hand positions designed to chanel the energy into the chakra system at its highest vibration for maximum benefit on all levels During this certified one day intensive course, you will learn the basic functions of the chakras or energy centres of the body as well as learning about the aura and etheric bodies. You will also begin the initiation into the practices of using Reiki healing energy on others, amplifying healing energy through sacred codes and symbols which activate the Reiki attunement. Your friends and family will enjoy receiving a Reiki treatment from you while you gain experience in learning how it works and what it can do! Reiki is such a life changing and enhancing system you cant help but be amazed! Reiki is in pure alignment with nature and the living planet around us. In Level 1 you will learn how to treat plants and animals ♥ You will learn how to calm an anxious pet, help them through periods of illness etc. You will learn how to help your trees and other garden friends to grow and flourish. You will be surprised! :) http://celticschoolofsoundhealing.com/ Cost €150.00 Deposit €50 via Paypal to [masked] to secure your place. No refunds unless in event of cancellation by the host. Please enquire about availability first as places book out fast by email to [masked] Resits: Resit to refresh learning and healing technique €95.00 Thank you :)

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