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Holistic Wellness group provides alternative methods for self healing of all emotional, physical, mental and spiritual pain through meditation, enlightenment and collaborating with the Divine.

One of the alternative methods of self healing that we provide is called Timeless Reiki. This certified program provides training in both traditional forms of Reiki as well as methods much older than traditional Reiki, enabling you to heal yourself across all time and space.

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Meet and Greet, With Members Of The Other Side (Ghosts)

IntraHealth - New Location


Bring an open mind, and an open heart. Feel their touch, and find your compassion. Fear dissolves away in the presence of understanding and safe encounters. You can be a part of this unique experience. In an open venue of safe space, we’ll bring them in so you can get to know them. You will be taught how to not only honor these amazing individuals, but also how to help them move on. Agenda: ** I will be creating safe and scared space prior to this event ** 1. Introduction 2. Discussion: "Ghosts are people too" 3. Q&A 4. Grounding Meditation 15 min 5. Call in the ghosts. Each person will have 1 or more ghosts to experience. These will be "regular" ghosts. Ghosts that can be designated as normal in appearance and energy. 6. I will teach you how to help them cross over into the light. 7. You will then have the opportunity to share your experience and ask questions. 8. We will then call in another group of ghosts for a second experience. 9. We will then help the ghosts cross over into the light. 10. You will share your experiences and ask questions. You are not allowed to coerce, direct, or manipulate our “ghuests”. And we will ensure they don’t go home with you! Fee: $20.00 ( Cash at the door ) For other Ghostly adventures, please join: www.meetup.com/Real-Ghost-Encounters Please be on-time! The door will close at 7:15pm. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at anytime. Thank you Madeleine Harmath Saving Grace Healing Services[masked]

Staff Meeting with Spirit Guides Meditation, Spiritual Lessons learned, and Q&A

I am providing a 1 hour space to Meditate, discuss Lessons Learned and provide a few min for Q&A regarding Spiritual questions. Agenda: 1) 15 min guided Meditation to connect you to Earth and Spirit which you will continue for another 15-20 min on your own. Recommendations while meditating: Ask Spirit/Archangels/Ascended Masters for help for the current day and week. They REALLY want to know how they can help you achieve your goals and dreams. Receive guidance from the Spirit/Archangels/Ascended Masters ***Bring your journal so you can keep track of your requests and the messages you receive from your Spiritual team. 2) Lessons Learned I will be providing my Lessons learned for the week and I will be asking others to volunteer their lessons learned so we can learn from each other. 3) Q&A I will be happy to answer any spiritual type questions from the group. This will be an on-going weekly meeting. Every Sunday morning at 10am. Please be on-time, doors will close at 10:10am and we will end at 10:55am. $10/person at the door. Thank you Madeleine Harmath Saving Grace Healing Services[masked]

Heal Your "Topic of Choice" with the Expansive Energy Healing Guided Meditation

Each week I will guide you through the Expansive Energy Meditation to help you Heal Your "Topic of Choice" within every aspect of yourself across all time and space. This Meditation is extremely Powerful and it will help you neutralize, transmute, release, and heal your emotional/physical pain as well as all blocks that prevent you from creating and living your dream life. Expansive Energy Meditation is and Advanced Form of Healing Meditation is used for many things. Stress reduction, gaining clarity, general introspection are all wonderful benefits from an ongoing practice. But often, there is something missing. Advanced forms of meditation are used to Empower and heal you. This is where you can solidify the links between your conscious mind and your intuition, spirituality, and even your innate abilities to heal. Your experience of this process will be much like a guided meditation, something you will find easy and familiar. What’s different is how it energizes all of your energy centers, integrating in the ethereal body, and connecting to your physical self. And this is where you will find yourself stepping into every aspect of your being across all time and space. Agenda: 1. We will being with a quick description of the meditation and how it will help you heal across all time and space. 2. Heal the Topic of Your Choice using the Expansive Energy Mediation I will begin with connecting everyone to Earth and Spirit, followed by the Expansive Energy Meditation. 3. Q&A ** You can sit in a chair for the mediations or lay on the floor. If you plan on laying down please bring a pillow and blanket to make yourself comfortable. Fee: $20.00 cash at the door Please be on-time. We will close the doors at 11:10am. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at anytime. Madeleine Harmath Saving Grace Healing Service www.savinggracehealing.com[masked]

Playdate: Lets go to the Beach - Capitola

Gaia Earth Treasures

Join me for a fun, relaxing, and playful day! FREE Event! I often to go Capitola to get some fresh air and reenergize. The energy of the water is cleansing, soothing, and very relaxing. I always come back feeling rejuvenated. Come spend the afternoon/evening with me at the beach. We will meet at Gaia Earth Treasures. This is a beautiful stores filled with the most amazing crystals and jewelry (made with crystals). They have a huge variety of crystals in all different shapes and sizes at a reasonable price. Since we are there we will most likely walk around and check out the other stores in the area. We will then make our way to the beach and either just sit and relax on the benches in front of the beach and stare out over the water, or go for a walk on the beach (or both). I am flexible :) Then between 5-6:30pm go to my favorite Italian restaurant - Carusos- for dinner. Their food is completely amazing and very reasonably priced. ( bring cash if at all possible ) Its time to put "play" back into your life! Price: FREE See you soon, Madeleine Harmath Saving Grace Healing Service[masked]

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