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Many of us have never felt quite at home in our lives. Trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression — even the stresses of everyday life — often leave us feeling fragmented and disconnected from ourselves, from others, and from the world around us. Our groups were designed with one vision in mind: to help you reconnect — to your own body, heart & mind, to others, and to the world. Our programs and classes integrate ancient contemplative teachings & practices with the latest healing modalities in a safe, supportive environment. Through meditation, movement & yoga, relational groups, and experiential workshops, we're here to support you on your journey toward cultivating greater presence, embodiment, and freedom in your life. We hope you'll join us and our community on your path to reclaiming your rightful sense of aliveness, connection, and wholeness, and find a supportive tribe of like-minded friends along the way.
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ONLINE: South Florida Insight Collective

hōm - center for embodied awareness

UPDATE: All meditation groups will be meeting via Zoom until further notice. If you are new to Zoom, you can create a free account on their website (zoom.us), and then download the app or connect directly to the video-call on your computer via the zoom website. There is also a dial-in option if you wish to participate over the phone. The link/meeting ID code will be the same every time: Meeting URL: https://zoom.us/j/2343667096?pwd=dVZTZVNxa1pqMTJrR0Y1eDFadEg5Zz09 Meeting ID:[masked] Password:[masked] Dial in by phone: (646)[masked] (meeting ID:[masked]) Some helpful tips for joining via Zoom: - Find a comfortable spot, check your connection, sound, video, etc. - Please login 2-3 minutes before the group start-time to give yourself time to get settled. If this is your first time using Zoom, please give yourself additional time to familiarize yourself with the platform. - For audio only, you can dial in using the phone number above. - When others are speaking, please keep your connection on mute - If you have questions, you can type them into the chat window. Please feel free to share with anyone who would benefit. As always, our meditation groups will be offered by donation. You can send donations via PayPal to [masked], or through this link: paypal.me/homembodied. We also appreciate that things are hard and resources may be strained right now – as always, you are welcome to join us regardless of your ability to financially contribute. We hope these offerings will be supportive and of benefit to our community during this time. We may be “distancing” physically, but we are not disconnecting! We remain committed to supporting you in whatever capacity we can through the coming weeks. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can best serve you. ----- South Florida Insight Collective is a Buddhist meditation group dedicated to training the heart and mind to respond to life with mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion. Come connect in community as we meditate together and explore ways to incorporate Buddhist principles and practices into our daily lives, and collectively seek ways to alleviate the suffering in our lives and in our world. The evening features a guided meditation, a "dharma talk" on Buddhist teachings and practices, and group discussion. All are welcome. No prior meditation experience necessary. Always free. Donations welcome.

Neurogenic Yoga

hōm - center for embodied awareness

Neurogenic Yoga™ is a revolutionary technique in trauma healing and stress reduction. This practice combines yoga asana and pranayama with the body’s natural, therapeutic shaking response. This shaking response in humans, much the same as the instinctual shaking in animals, is the nervous system’s way of discharging long-held tension and trauma, or unconscious muscle contraction in order to restore the body to wholeness. When the nervous system identifies threat, vibration or shaking in the body is designed to occur automatically. However, negative social constructs and beliefs around what it means to allow ourselves to shake, tremor, or show vulnerability, condition us out of this innate release mechanism at a very early age. Neurogenic Yoga™ reawakens our body’s intrinsic release mechanism for optimal health. This technique is a simple, gentle, and profound practice that facilities the lengthening and relaxation of the psoas muscle and the release of physical and emotional stress and tension. During a Neurogenic Yoga™ session, we safely self induce therapeutic tremoring. This class begins with an explanation of the Neurogenic Yoga™ process after which you will then be safely guided through the practice and tremoring process by a certified Neurogenic Yoga™ provider. The class will end with a group check-in, discussion, and you will be given after-care instructions. Cost: $25. To ensure that everyone in attendance receives personalized attention and feels safe to have their process, these classes are limited to six people at a time. Please register in advance at https://homsouthflorida.com/class-schedule/ to reserve your spot before the start of the class.

ONLINE: SoFla Yoga Punx

hōm - center for embodied awareness

UPDATE: Until further notice, Yoga Punx will take place via livestream on our Facebook page: facebook.com/homembodied . Please like and subscribe to our Facebook page to be notified when we go live. Donations can be made via Paypal here: paypal.me/homembodied ----- SoFla Yoga Punx is all-levels, donation-based Vinyasa yoga. We hold true to the lineage and traditional aspects of yoga and punk philosophy. Yoga Punx is committed to making yoga accessible to folks that would normally not seek it out. All levels welcome! Come as you are. Be yourself and do yoga to kick-ass music! Yoga Punx was started in San Francisco by Khristine Jones in 2010. Yoga Punx is now an international collective, with Sanghas in Philly, Savannah, Germany, Brazil and now South Florida! We hold true to the traditional aspects of yoga philosophy and ALL are welcome. We also believe in the punk ethics of freedom for all beings. Yoga Punx is donation-based -- give what you can if you can. No one will be turned away for lack of funds! If you do not have your own yoga mat, hōm offers mat rentals for $2. Bring water, a towel, a yoga mat (if you have one), keep an open mind, and wear clothes you'll be comfortable moving in :)

ONLINE: Ashtanga Yoga Fundamentals

hōm - center for embodied awareness

UPDATE: Until further notice, this class will now be held via video-conference on the Zoom platform. Space will be limited -- if you wish to participate, please register in advance through our website at https://homsouthflorida.com/class-schedule (details for connecting via Zoom can be found in the class description). Space for online classes will be limited to 4 participants at a time so that the provider can safely monitor movement, offer individualized feedback and track each participant's nervous system during the practice. Participants will have the opportunity to check-in and ask questions before, during, and after the practice. ---- This Ashtanga Yoga fundamentals class offers key alignment tips and gives you plenty of time to transition between poses. You’ll start by practicing many of the standing postures of the primary series before moving into the floor postures. During the floor postures you will be given alternative methods for developing the strength necessary for transitions between postures. The floor sequencing will be an abbreviated version of the traditional primary series. This class is suitable for all levels of practice. The emphasis is not only on the physical aspects of the practice but on cultivating compassion, non-judgment, wise intention, and present moment awareness of breath and body as we move through the asanas. As the practitioner you always have the choice to do what feels appropriate for you in any particular moment during the class and you are encouraged to practice safely and comfortably. Cost: $15

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TRE (Trauma/Tension Releasing Exercises)

hōm - center for embodied awareness

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