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What we’re about

Homespun is a Davis, CA based, inclusive, cooperative homeschooling community. Our members include new and long-time homeschoolers from a variety of backgrounds, belief systems and homeschooling methodologies.
Membership requirements for all members:
1. Agree to list their information (including full name, and partner/spouse’s full name) in our online directory database, which is viewable and searchable by members only.
2. Pay $5 annual dues (this maintains the Meetup website)
3. Attend a minimum of one event organized/hosted by other Homespun Members each school year
4. All Members adhere to Posting Guidelines, Event Etiquette and Conflict Resolution Guidelines
We also encourage you to host or organize events that interest you to share with our community.
Homespun members share a commitment to sustaining an active and supportive homeschooling group. We offer support, encouragement, friendship, and a sense of community through the following:

a) in-person meetings organized by members: events, classes, park days, shared experiences, ...

b) an active Meet-up/online group for sharing resources, organizing events, accessing files and links, asking questions, ...

c) a commitment to respectful interaction and communication.

We are open to all actively homeschooling families in Yolo, Solano, and Sacramento counties though our activities are primarily within the city of Davis. We ask that new and current members support the community through ongoing and regular participation in events, classes, and activities. The group is open to families that have at least one homeschooling child. Homespun was started in 2003.

The Fine Print

1. All posts must be respectful in nature, and all posters must identify themselves. Messages regarding problems or concerns should seek resolution with an eye toward consensus building. Since we are an inclusive group, posts that may be politically or religiously divisive will not be permitted.

2. The Admin team and members will be available to new members to help with getting to know the community and with planning events.

How do I join?
Prospective members will be added to the group for a one-month trial during which they will be welcome to attend one of our weekly park days or other open events. You will have full access to our event page but will not be able to host events until after your trial. Our homeschool families are always happy to answer questions or concerns. After attending some of our events and reviewing the full list of requirements, if you determine that Homespun is a good fit for your family, you can pay the annual dues and become a full member.