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What we’re about

LayerTwo Labs, founded by the highly-respected and accomplished OG Bitcoin researcher & developer Paul Sztorc (Yale University) brings “Drivechain” upgrades (Bitcoin Improvement Proposals: BIP300 & BIP301) to Bitcoin.

Drivechain will allow the Bitcoin network to support peer-to- peer sidechains, achieving unlimited scalability, privacy, versatility in UX and infinite use cases.

Drivechain greatly enhances developers’ freedom to innovate with creative concepts — giving Bitcoin’s end users unparalleled user-experience (UX) and endless new utility, thus paving the road towards Hyper- Bitcoinization. Drivechain is Bitcoin’s perfect scaling solution and will allow Bitcoin — the world’s most powerful and truly decentralized computational network —- to be the bedrock for all of Web3.

LayerTwo Labs announced the completion of a $4 million angel round of fundraising in December last year. The company is currently undergoing its success round of fundraising.