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What we’re about

This Meet up group is about Ethical Food Ingredients, sourcing of it from the local groceries and making it a great recipe, only vegan and vegetarian ingredients will be taken into discussion.  We welcome all, including Chefs and other Foodies, and amateurs and professionals in this field.

We would like to invite members those who have taken to Vegan or Vegetarian food, share experiences of their journey, if they have choose this path recently what motivated them to do so, we want to listen to you, and share our experiences too.

We intend to meet at public parks in and around central, and share our experiences, we might also book community centers to host meetings in the future.

Anyone who wants to support Ethical Food Ingredients.  Having been in Gourmet food industry for over 2 decades, I was one of the first to launch, Gluten and Wheat free products in Hong Kong, that was when we had only few clients, yes, those days the food was still okay and not so tainted like in today.  We also launched our farm grown Organic Yerba Mate, Gourmet Vinegars and full range of Tortillas.  All are Vegetarian products free of any form of animal derivative.   

Now a days, I find it either it is expensive or hard to come by good Vegetarian /Vegan products.  Though I conduct cooking sessions on this philosophies,  yet the ingredients are exorbitantly expensive or eating out is becoming not cheap any more.    

Before one embarks are the culinary journey it is worth knowing how the farms work, how the dairy industry work, why it is necessary to have vegan/vegetarian food.

I request some of you to volunteer to lead this group and be a part of it too.  I will do all I can to assist each and every one in this community who want to cherish good food, guilt free pocket friendly ingredients, and stay healthy and stay away from ailments.


Swathi Kr Iyengar

Farmer, Chef, Yoga and Tai Chi Teacher, and Food Entrepreanuer

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