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A hunt for TRIANGLES! (In Pictures: We set the theme; you take the pictures)
THIS IS A VIRTUAL MEETUP. 'A hunt for TRIANGLES!' is your NEXT CREATIVE challenge. Post your pictures from 22 April 2018 Triangles are everywhere and is an important element for photo composition. You can find them as the shape of things, as leading lines in central perspective, in architecture, as light and shadow, as an arrangement of three things or persons etc. They can already be completely formed as triangles or the viewer has to complete the form in his mind. So let's concentrate on triangles this time. Observe your surroundings wherever you are. Shoot surprising pictures. Have great ideas. There is no limit to your creativity. CREDIT to Conny for providing the writeup and wonderful photos to demonstrate the theme and for suggesting this Creative Challenge. If you’re joining us for the first time, WELCOME and please note: 1. Each week/biweekly we ask you to upload your pictures on a set theme 2. If you'd like to take part, then grab your camera and take a picture to match the theme 3. Interpret the themes in any way you see fit 4. You could take the pictures in any country 5. You could upload up to three pictures per theme 6. When uploading the pictures, please share a short description of the picture; including LOCATION, camera, lens and settings (iso, aperture and shuttle speed) so that we could learn from each other or dream of visiting the places that you have visited 😊 7. This meetup is for you, so if you have any theme that you would like to try your hands at, please send your suggestions through Meetup messages or leave comments on this meetup 8. When taking photos, please do not endanger yourself or others, take unnecessary risks or infringe any laws Finally, Have Fun!

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We also have photography subgroups such as:

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