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What we’re about

This group is about the practice of Karma-Yoga (love in action). We welcome all sincere seekers of truth. 
Our goal is to perfect and enrich our souls with Real Truth, and be the living embodiment of the Golden Rule. 
Remembering that truth is always subject to the interpretation of the beholder, and that no truth or spiritual practice is a panacea, we share our Spiritual development meetings and practice with people like-minded people who wish to enrich their current spiritual practice(s). We can either let life live us, or we can live Life. 
Part of our on-going spiritual development practice is to listen to the Spiritual Teachings of Aquarian Foundation, which are by and through the scientifically tested genuine physical phenomena adept mediumship of world renowned Spiritual Teacher, Rev. Keith Milton Rhinehart. You can find out more about us at and You do not have to have any previous experience in meditating or have a spiritual practice to be a part of this spiritual development group. In our meetings we explore various types of spiritual development genre's, namely; the use of meditation,the power and use of affirmative affirmation, the art of visualization, the purpose of mediumship and psychic development, Spiritual Healing, the use and purpose of sound and chanting, and much more. 
This is a group of open-minded individuals, who are non-dogmatic in thinking and who are seriously looking for a spiritual discipline to free themselves from old negative patterns.
This is a group for you, if you recognize and understand that consciousness should not be restricted to the limitations of gender, race, creed or whom we love. We believe that with Time comes Understanding, with Practice comes Spiritual Discipline, with Truth for Authority, not Authority for Truth, comes mastery over the forces of life and death, and the freedom from re-incarnation.
We don't allow you to take photographs, video record or make recordings of any kind. Please remember to turn your cell phone off before coming into the meeting.
Donations are not required, but are accepted. We encourage the practice of energy for energy exchange, Christian stewardship and the responsibility of tithing.
"We make no claim, guarantee or promise about any meditation practice, Spiritual practice, or accuracy of any Spiritual messages or the results of any Spiritual Ceremony. No information contained herein or in our meetings is a denial of good and competent medical, financial, and other professional help. Each student is urged to seek competent professional advice for these or other matters."
Program is subject to change without notice.
Right of admission is reserved.