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We are a big family of local folks who love to play tennis just for fun! No fees, no competitive pressure, just hitting. This group is mainly composed of 3.0-3.5 level players, but we welcome those of all skill levels. Most of us have a background that goes something like: played in high school or college, would like to pick up the sport again but not sure of skill level. If that is you, you just found your people! :) If you are athletic, maybe play another sport well, and are curious about tennis, give us a try - you will probably enjoy this and pick it up quickly! Most of our events are casual in nature: we fill two courts with doubles, just hit (usually no games, no rules, everything is in), we play some music and every two songs we rotate one position. We also have events that are more structured, where we play FRANCE and other clinic-typical games. We are always working on adding new events in new locations to serve as many people in the community as possible.

This group is free but donations are graciously accepted.

*Note for beginners: if you've absolutely never played before, we suggest you get a lesson or two before coming. I wish we could be more accommodating to beginners but we are so limited on court space, generally don't have enough sufficient to rotate in a beginner and not throw off the flow. However, you are certainly encouraged to come and give it a try. Maybe you'll fit in just fine!

Lately, we play Tuesdays and Fridays at Manoa district park at 5:30, Thursdays at Kapiolani and 5:30, Saturdays at Kaneohe district park at 9:30am, and Saturdays at Kapiolani at 2pm. I've set up rsvps to open at different times before the event starts to please read the description for that info. If you see the event is full but really want to come, please get on the waitlist. We can probably fit you in eventually. Please be serious about your rsvp's. If you're new to the group, please come to one event before rsvping to many.

Upcoming events (4+)

Wednesdays @ Kapiolani 🌺 Trialling earlier start time!

Kapiʻolani Regional Park Tennis Courts

Please do not show up to the courts and expect to play if you are waitlisted. Kapiolani is usually VERY busy at this time, hence smaller group size. If you show up, and we are busy - I have to ask you to wait on the benches.

Please bring a racket, optional $ donations, optional ball donations, and low expectations :) Many of us have not played tennis in a very long time... so expect to be patient and kind!
Due to limited court space, event capped at 6. Will open up for rspvs on Friday mornings. If the event is full, please get on the waitlist, we often have last minute cancellations and may be able to get you in.

Generally for intermediate players, but if you've hit the ball a few times before, maybe used to play and haven't in a long time and are willing to run, you'll probably fit in fine. People who have absolutely never played before I would advise against for this event just because we have limited such court space.

Please PAY ATTENTION TO THIS PAGE the day of - in the comment section we will post if we have to move and where to. If you RSVP you are responsible to do this and move with us.

Please bring a racket, optional $ donations, optional ball donations, and low expectations :) Many of us have not played tennis in a very long time... so expect to be patient and kind! I don't like people bringing their own balls because they get mixed up with ours.

Here is the usual drill: Doubles across all courts, preferably 2 courts so up to 8 people playing at once, or depending on people's preferences, one to several single courts as well, rotating every two songs (via little speaker I bring). Serving is fine but optional, a lot of people just do a drop serve to start the ball. This is literally just hitting. No points. I find that this simple set up allows for the most racket-ball contact while minimizing pressure to make a point. I have found that this is the perfect format for beginners, while also being a chill and fun option for practice for folks above 3.0. If there are 6 people there will be a singles court. If there are 7 there will be a 2 on 1 singles court. It's beautiful simplicity :)
We will make this a weekly event if it goes well.
That being said, I am not opposed to playing games or drills. We can certainly do so if that is what the consensus requests! In the past, I've had sub groups split off and play games on their own. That is also fine!
(Note that if you want to schedule games, I'm happy to have someone co-chair this group with me to schedule extra meetings. We'll see how much interest we get.)

Very important: the wait lists for these events is quite long. So please only rsvp if you are serious about attending. If you are not sure if you want to come, shoot me an email if you have questions about it. A lot of people are nervous about coming to these things alone - please don't worry, most of us are pretty bad at tennis. It's just for fun :)
But if you rsvp and don't attend, I have to remove you.

COVID disclaimer: Please NO HUGS, handshakes, fist bumps, kissing, just no touching! Plan to stay away from each other. Prepare to shout at each other. PLEASE DO NOT COME IF you are not feeling well, have had contact with suspected covid infected person or are recovering yourself, have traveled outside of the state of Hawaii in the last two weeks, if you have pre-existing conditions or are at higher risk due to age. We will try to maintain at least 6 feet social distance but keep in mind that it is still a risk just leaving your house!

Ready? Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for reading!

Fridays @ Kapiolani - Intermediate to Advanced Players Only

Kapiʻolani Regional Park Tennis Courts

Open for RSVPs 830am on Mondays.

This event is open to intermediate to advance skill levels ONLY. RSVP is required and NO GUESTS ALLOWED with out prior event host approval. If you do not meet the below described level of play you will not be allowed to play (There are other events for lower levels of play available). Please see days with events that are for all skill levels.

Players should be ready for competitive matches. Please be comfortable with the following criteria:

• Comfortable serving (Limited Double faults)
• Moderate to high level of ball control (speed, direction, top spin, back spin)
• Aggressive play (hustling for balls)
• Keeping score
• Having fun!

Depending on concensus we may Rally, play Double Matches(First to 3 Sets, No ADD), King of the Court or France.

If you cannot make it, change your RSVP to give people on the waitlist sufficient time to attend.

We look forward to meeting everyone and hope you have a good time 😁

Saturdays @ Kapiolani - France Intermediate 2.5+

Kapiʻolani Regional Park Tennis Courts

Updated to allow +1 and open rsvp 10 days before event.

FRANCE - Split up into two teams, 3 to 4 on each. The goal is to spell the word FRANCE. Earn a letter by winning three points in a row. After each point, the losing team rotates and feeds for the next rally. After each letter, the winning team rotates. Setup is like doubles, but the players waiting in the back can 'save' the players in the front by hitting a legal return if the front players miss the ball.

Hosted by Reid. Ideal for all skill levels, though we prefer you can at least hit and rally before you come. Due to limited court space, this event is capped at 8. Please stand by on the wait list, sometimes we can move you over last minute if someone else cancels. But please do not just show up if you couldn't make it off the wait list. We don't have the room, sorry. That being said, please be serious about your RSVP: you are taking the spot of another person who really wants to play, remember. Thank you for helping to put this together 🙂

Monday at Kapiolani - ADVANCED ONLY

Kapiolani Regional Park Tennis Courts

Due to increased attendance this event is now being limited to ADVANCED PLAYERS ONLY. RSVP is required and NO GUESTS ALLOWED with out prior event host approval. If you do not meet the below described level of play you will not be allowed to play(There are other events for lower levels of play available).

Advanced Players should be ready for competitive matches.

  • Comfortable serving(Limited Double faults)
  • Keeping score
  • Aggressive play(hustling for balls)

Depending on the number of attendees we may Rally, Double Matches(First to 3 Sets, No ADD), King of the Court or France.

Keep an eye on the event posts for updates and court number.

Please also consider donating new cans of balls or cash so that we can play with fresh tennis balls.

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Tuesdays @ Manoa For All Skill Levels

Mānoa Valley District Park

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