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What we’re about

Greetings. This is a meetup group where horror, suspense, Sci-Fi, and fantasy fans in the Greater Nashville area can socialize and make new friends while enjoying a variety of related group activities. Appreciation of both domestic and foreign suspense/Sci-Fi/horror/fantasy/movies will be a focus of this meetup. We are at Full Moon Cineplex most weekends and frequent The Belcourt. Trips to haunted houses, group discussions of themed books/short stories, ghost tours in the area, performing arts, the paranormal, Sci-Fi, horror and fantasy conventions, attending writers' signings and presentations, television shows, and art shows are other meetups we've done. 

Check out our new Horror Hall of Fame that our group is starting in 2018. The first inductees have been announced.

Movie meetups will be scheduled for silent classics up through new theatrical releases. Lovers of all of things suspense/Sci-Fi/horror/fantasy including Vincent Price, Hitchcock, Freddy/Jason/Michael, vampires/Buffy/Twilight, zombies, werewolves, Italian giallo films, the 70s and 80s slashers, and the British Hammer films will find a home in this meetup. Fans of steampunk, science fiction "sci-fi", and fantasy will enjoy this meetup! For example, we had a meetup for the War of the Worlds Radio Play. Some of the best episodes of The Twlight Zone, Doctor Who, and Star Trek had a horror theme. Please take the time to answer the profile questions to help plan meetups that are of the most interest to you.

Since we need an accurate count for some of the events we do and some meetups are held in members homes, new members are approved. If you sign up to attend an event, please update your rsvp if you can no longer attend. Also, even if the meetup shows full, please still sign up for the waiting list as members often do cancel. There are no membership dues for this group. If you attend an event at a member's home and eat/drink, please bring a food item or give a few dollars to help your host with the cost of the food, drinks, and serving supplies they provide.

When you attend a meetup, you are encouraged to program the event host's cell phone number into your phone or take it with you in case you have trouble finding the group or you have questions on things like directions. We get calls all the time and are happy to help. The event host's cell phone number should be on each meetup event or sent to you ahead of time. 

As mentioned above, we go to Full Moon Cineplex in Hermitage one night most weekends. We are very lucky to have a theater that shows older films, often horror. Check out Full Moon's webpage to see what they are playing as we don't have meetups for every film:

I've also started renting Gallatin's Palace Theater which opened in 1913 and Lebanon's Capitol Theatre for private film screenings for this group.

On a final but important note, this meetup group is for appreciation of the Horror, Suspense, Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres. It is NOT a singles meetup. We have married members in the group, members in relationships, and members just not interested in dating. Members have a right not to be harassed. Anyone engaging in creepy behavior towards other members will be removed. If you are only looking for dates or hook-ups, this is not the group for you. There are plenty of dating sites and singles groups for that.

Please email me should you have any questions about this meetup.