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What we’re about

Have you ever wanted to know more about horses? This is a place to learn where to start and how to enter into the understanding of horses. Or maybe you have ridden but just didn't feel safe or possibly not as connected to the horse as you would want to be. We will be exploring the experience of getting to know horses and how to read them. I will share with you the experience and knowledge I have amassed over the 35+ years of riding, teaching, training, and now re-envisioning how to humanely relate to horses in our relationship with them. It is important to get to know a horse well on the ground before ever mounting them if possible. We will learn to be observant of their behavior and to understand what they are communicating. Horses are incredibly special animals. They can teach us a lot about our own behavior and how we are showing up in the world.
They can also help us to manage our own emotions. I truly believe it is the experience of being near and with the horse that does the equine therapy not so much the therapist. Women are especially drawn to the care of horses. My goal is to share my horse care knowledge so that women can experience this therapy and empowerment by working towards adopting or partially sponsoring a horse in the future. Since the USA is the largest exporter of horse meat in the world I feel it is important for me to spread my knowledge of how to care for these majestic animals so that more people can be stewards and protectors of equines in the world.