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What we’re about

Hot Springs GetAway is all about Healing, Rejuvenation and Having Fun. Join us for a full 4 Days And 3 night weekend retreat hosted by fun loving practitioners dedicated to facilitating a weekend of health, healing and relaxation.

If you have been wanting to get away from the routine of everyday life, de-stress, regain a sense of balance, and inner harmony then this healing weekend getaway is calling your name!

Join us as we focus on the renewal of our spirit and setting new intentions for our life as we clear away stagnant energy from our mind and bodies’ chakra system and energetic field.

There are several special healing sessions included in your stay and a few cool classes,

Here are some of the descriptions of what we will be doing!

Thursday Night we have a Divine Light Crystal Sword / Wand Clearing; this is where we cut the cords from people and things that no longer serve us and learn to recognize energy blocks and how to remove them. We will do a reconnect to our highest self and creator allowing us to move into a Attention Setting for an incredible healing weekend!


Voice Analysis and Sound Therapy find out how the notes in your voice can help you heal

We will have a talk about what is Reiki and receive a Reiki healing attunment

Play time with crystals feel their energy and learn how to use them in a multitude of ways to enhance your creativity and manifesting abilities

Meet 9 Angels and learn how they can assist you in your life plus experience the Violet Ray energy frequency they emanate.

Saturday we have a Sound Bath Healing Journey with gongs, singing bowls, chimes, and other healing instruments. Sound is a profound Healing tool that can clear anything both physical and emotional pain. This session is facilitated by a professional musician and certified sound therapist.

And on Sunday we have an empowering l Am Divine Light Blessing Experience. It’s similar to a deep meditation that awakens the I Am presence of the Divine Light within you 💜

One of the classes is on trusting and building on your innate intuition! Learn how to give an an intuitive reading using Angel card decks and other decks.

Learn about a useful tool called (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique also called (Tapping). We will pick a subject that resonates for the group and work with it. And you can also pick a subject to use at home.

The location of the retreat is in the Palm Springs area about 2 hours from LA and one and a half hours from Orange County. Exact address is sent to registered guests.

The property sits on an under ground pool of natural mineral water that has been pumped into 13 above ground pools and Jacuzzi's with varying degrees of temperature for its therapeutic and healing properties.

This retreat includes accommodations, healthy food, beverages, and snacks. We have taken in consideration the dietary preferences for Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Meat Eaters.

You will be sent a dietary questionnaire after registration. We can not accommodate extreme nut allergies as we can not guarantee the packaging facilities.

The retreat is held in a private home used for retreats 

There are 3 guest rooms it's 1st register gets to choose their room! All rooms are the same price whether you come on your own or bring a guest.

There is one queen size bed in each room if you are inviting a friend and need an additional bed a single size bed can be added two of the rooms Aqua and Lovely.

Lets Relax, have fun, meet new friends and Soak are troubles away in an oasis of hot mineral water pools.

1st up coming weekend is Memorial weekend May 28th, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday! There are Two more dates one in September and one in October.

These are coed weekends unless it specifies women only. This is a healing weekend and there is no smoking and no heavy social drinking! We will serve a bit of complimentary wine :)

The location is Sanitized with a Botanical Disinfectant that kills 99.9 % of bacteria, viruses, fungi & mold. The solution is plant based and safe.

The cleaning crews are professional and have been doing a great job on keeping the facilities clean and safe.

We are a small group and we do temperature checks for each of our participants the day of check in.

Have questions please reach out through messages for a prompt reply and or we are happy to have facetime or regular call.

We Look Forward to Sharing and Growing Together🌈☀️💗