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Welcome to House of Code. We are a community of programmers, coding students, software enthusiasts, and individuals with a general interest in technology. The purpose of our friendly group is to facilitate the learning of new programming languages and product development processes by working on projects and studying courses together.

Tuesday: Coding Session (Weekly)

This is a free and open session for all. The idea is to get together and code socially (or by yourself, if that's what you prefer). If you're studying programming or working on your own projects, come join us. Get tips and ideas from fellow coders or inspire someone else. All are welcomed!

Thursday: Study Session (Fortnightly)

Please note that this will not be a course taught by us but will consist of following a self-study course. Feel free to hop on board, discuss with fellow students, share resources, and perhaps even start a project together. At the moment, Paddy is leading a Deep Learning study track.

Sunday: Coders Chill Out Session (Monthly)

We get together once a month to chill and get to know our fellow coders over chai and shisha. Bring your friends, your ideas, your stories and your chill vibes...

Things to know:

At House of Code, we are always learning, no matter the level of experience each member may have. If you're learning to code, come along and learn with us. If you're already coding for a living, come along and learn more with us. Better yet, take on the challenge of mentorship and teach a fellow member. You'll learn so much simply by helping someone else learn.

There are three simple things to keep in mind as members of this community:

• Don't be a jerk.

• Update your RSVP on time if you can't make it. Your organisers make the time and effort to keep this community going. Extend us the same courtesy and let us know in good time.

• None of the drama, All of the ambition. This sums up what House of Code is all about.

We look forward to meeting each and every one of you!

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