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What we’re about

This meetup is for Single parents with children rangeing in age from newborn on up.. Most kids lose interest in their later teens, but can attend as old as they get. We hope to provide opportunities for all of us to have fun with or without or children and help each other through the challenges of being a single parent. We'll have parents only events, and lots of stuff for the family. I encourage everyone to give suggestions for meetups places and events. We will have meets during the day, evening, and/or weekends. This group is not restricted to one area of town.

I created this group because I am a single father of 4 girls 10, 7, 5, and 3 and I want to spend more time with my girls while at the same time having some adult interaction. I plan on having some events that will be geared more towards my younger girls and some events more geared toward my older girls and some events that will be good for all. I live in Richmond, pretty much between Sugarland and Katy but I plan on doing both local meetups in West or Southwest Houston and some more centrally located meetups.

What I would love to see develop is several Assistant Organizers organizing events in their area of town and then larger more centrally located meetups for everyone to get together.