What we're about

Do you have an interest in learning and practicing a second language? Would you consider teaching someone your native language in exchange for learning theirs? (For instance: I'll teach you Spanish for 1/2 hour, if you teach me a 1/2 hour of English.)

The Houston Language Partners is a group that anyone can join who is interested in finding a partner to practice language exchange. Language exchange means teaching your native language to someone else in exchange for learning their native language. You can do this by meeting up once a week (or more) with a language exchange partner for an hour or so at a library or coffee shop. It's also a great way to make new friends and learn about other cultures. Houston is a great resource with a diverse set of languages, and there are so many people who want to learn. Let’s match up to practice and learn from each other.

We will meet socially as a group to have fun and hold speed-friending events to improve everyone's chances of finding a language partner. We will also hold events where we invite instructors to speak and give tips on how people can more effectively find practice partners and teach and learn from each other.

Don't worry about feeling embarrassed if you don't know much of the language you want to learn, whether you are a complete beginner or very advanced, you can always get better by making new friends and practicing with someone who speaks the language and knows the culture. It takes practice with a partner to improve, and that's what this group is all about: finding partners who want to learn another language from each other!


To encourage and promote multi-lingual skills

To empower people from different backgrounds to learn from each other

To promote diversity and cultural growth

To build social networks through friendly interactions


To create a scalable system for everyone in the Greater Houston community who wishes to improve their ability to communicate across cultural boundaries.


We believe our greatest resource is each other.

You can also find us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/486327611455342/

Upcoming events (2)

Language Exchange Speed Friending at Houston Public Library (Galleria)

This Speed-Friending Event is for ALL LANGUAGES & SUBJECTS. This is a joint speed-friending event between Houston Public Library & Houston Language Partners in the large meeting room. Description: Would you consider teaching someone your native language in exchange for learning that person's language? (For instance: I'll teach you Spanish for 1/2 hour if you teach me English for a 1/2 hour, and meet once a week at a library or coffee shop.) A one-to-one language exchange is the quickest and most fun way to learn and practice languages (and other subjects) at no cost. This speed-friending event is a chance for people to meet others looking for language exchange partners in Houston, and get a few minutes of real life experience teaching each other. By the end of this event, you will increase your chances of finding a partner, and everyone who has never experienced language exchange before will have a little bit of experience doing it. Make new friends, learn new things, achieve new goals! For all adults and college students ages 18 & up. This is a public event, and all are welcome to attend our free speed-friending events both inside and outside of the group. No registration is required, so feel free to bring anyone you like. This is a joint meetup with the Houston English Language (https://www.meetup.com/HoustonEnglish/) group, and a joint sponsored event with the Houston Public Library. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/language-exchange-speed-friending-at-houston-public-library-galleria-tickets-92309938511 The Jungman Branch Public Library is in the Galleria at 5830 Westheimer in 77057. Note: This is a library sanctioned event in partnership with the Houston Public Library that will take place in the large meeting room.

ESL English Speaking & Accent Reduction Class

Teachers To Go


This is the first 1.5 hour intensive English speaking & accent reduction class from the course Speak English Confidently In Eight Weeks. This class is for people who speak English as a second language (ESL) who want to improve their English speaking and pronunciation, or who are interested in accent reduction to improve their communication in English to get better jobs, learn English for work, or speak in public. Anyone who wants to get better at speaking or understanding American English will benefit. This class is offered at a special discount of $20 for Meetup members, so the class is only $5. More information about the course is here: https://www.teachers2gohouston.com/accent-reduction-classes All study materials are included, so you can work with a practice partner or continue the curriculum on your own. Top English coaches around the world have contributed proven expertise and techniques to the ESL English course Speak English Confidently In Eight Weeks. What's revolutionary about these techniques is not only do they quickly enable students to speak English more effectively, but they also make American English easier to understand. Learn the most effective new system to improve English pronunciation, accent modification, written to spoken English translation, public speaking, idiomatic expressions, and grammar patterns. Speaking English is very different from the way English is traditionally written, and English classes don't always focus on speaking like Americans. We show you why and then teach you a quick and simple system to increase anyone's English speaking ability. This curriculum was developed by professors hired to quickly teach private lessons to employees and executives in large international corporations and banks to speak American English so they can be understood in a very short amount of time. All English language learners who took English classes in the past that didn't help them speak fluently or who want to improve their English when they speak will benefit from this 1.5 hour class. Highly recommended for anyone speaking English who is having trouble being understood, anyone who is worried about his or her accent, anyone learning English for their job, or anyone who wants to speak in public. Advanced registration of $5 is required, and class size is limited. All study materials for the first class and beyond are included. Register and pay for the class through Meetup or here: https://www.HoustonEnglish.com https://www.eventbrite.com/e/esl-english-speaking-accent-reduction-class-tickets-90661610317 Please enter the building from the parking lot through the main front door entrance. See parking map below. Take the elevator up to the 2nd floor, and go right. The class is down the hall on the right hand side in Suite #258.

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