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Houston Shamanism Monthly Meetup
NEW MEETING LOCATION We have a great new host venue: First Spiritualist Church of Houston, a few miles north of downtown on Hwy 59. Please see map for directions. It is not hard to find. WHAT WE NORMALLY DO AT SHAMANISM MEETUPS We journey together and share our experiences. We often do ecstatic trance postures: including one for self healing. Some postures require lying down or sitting on the floor. Please be aware that you will need to be able to get down on the floor and back up again, so please dress appropriately. We often do group projects, such as soul release (psychopomp) ceremonies to help lost souls find their way to the spirit world. We are always open to projects that we can work on shamanically as a group. Besides drumming, we have been journeying to all sorts of harmonic overtone music. We sometimes try out new CDs, depending on the mood of the group. Some months we make group journeys (where we are aware of each other on the journey), using a photo as a focus. For example, one month we went to Lake Baikal in Siberia and had a great time together there. We drum together to harmonize our energy. This is a nice big room in the middle of a parking lot, so we can drum all we want. If you have a hoop drum or frame drum with a beater, please bring them. I will bring a few extra drums for those don't have one. Come and explore the ancient technologies of shamanic knowledge. All levels of experience are welcome, including beginners. For more information on shamanism, including soul release (psychopomp) work and ecstatic trance postures, see http://www.shamanista... ( For discussions or questons, join our Facebook Page: For more info on harmonic overtones and using sound for healing (including drumming, ratting, and other sounds), see ( PLEASE RSVP IF POSSIBLE Please RSVP as soon as possible. Knowing how many will attend really helps the leader prepare the ceremony, and it encourages others. You can always change your RSVP later if necessary. But if you can't RSVP, just come anyway, everyone is always welcome! MENTAL PREPARATION Please leave home early and allow plenty of time to arrive by 6:15, so you can turn off your cell phone, recover from the traffic and settle into a relaxed, meditative state. It's fine to just sit and meditate, but we ask that you avoid talking about mundane things like traffic and focus on the shamanic work ahead. DOOR LOCKED AT 6:45 PM (NEW TIME!) We will lock the front door at 6:45 pm, and no one will be allowed in after that. But please arrive promptly by 6:15. When people dash in at the last minute, it takes longer for everyone to settle down and get focused so we can begin the ceremony. SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT TO WEAR AND TO BRING Please wear loose, comfortable clothes so that you can sit or lie on the floor. Bring a bottle of water to drink. You may still want to bring a pillow and something soft to lie on, such as an exercise mat, quilt or sleeping bag. You may also want something light to cover up with in case the air conditioning gets too cool. (Journeying in trance tends to lower your body temperature.) If you can bring a rattle and/or a hoop drum or frame drum with a padded beater, please bring them. Feel free to bring any crystals, animal fetishes, or other spiritual objects or bundles that you wish to journey with or put on the altar to charge up during the ceremony. Bring your ideas and suggestions for shamanic work that we can do as a group, including field trips, sounds for journeying, and especially projects that we can work on for healing the Earth and her peoples. Join us!

First Spiritualist Church of Houston

2115 Turner Drive, Houston, TX · 77093, TX

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We meet monthly to talk, drum, and journey to do shamanic work together. Whether your interest is in Siberian or other indigenous shamanism or in the core shamanic practices taught by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, join us. All are welcome. We experiment with harmonic sounds, ecstatic trance postures, toning, and other aids for journeying. We sometimes do group journeys (where we are aware of each other during the journey. We also do group projects such as soul release or psychopomp ceremonies (guiding the spirits of the dead to the spirit world). Come and share your ideas for other projects we can do to heal Earth and her peoples.

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