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For most people, happiness is not an inactive state, in which a person simply stays still and feels happy. For most people, happiness is a progressive condition, in which a person is evolving and moving toward his or her fulfillment. This constantly improving state of overcoming obstacles and going toward what they truly want is happiness, and this is why philosophers have said over and over again that happiness is in the process, not in the result.

In this group, we'll explore the tools to get rid of the barriers to happiness, and to progress better toward the fulfillment of one's goals (personal goals, relationship goals).

Also, when people experience painful incidents or emotional abuse, their progress and growth toward their fulfillment tend to be stunted. We'll learn tools to deal with these, too.

In this group, you will find out why your past is preventing your future happiness and fulfillment, and you will learn about an amazing technique that can release those past painful emotions.

We will have free weekly online meetings on Zoom. We will discuss and learn tools to find the happiness that belong to us in this group.

This group is created by the Dianetics & Scientology life improvement information center in Washington, DC.

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