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This group is operated by The Human Potential Center (January 2, 2020), and it offers a wonderful environment for meeting others who are committed to learning and growing. There are tons of opportunities to explore your own personal growth and to connect with and learn about others who are learning about themselves.

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July 11 6 - 10:30 pm. [--> ONLINE INTERACTIVE ONLY. Download Zoom.us, join Meeting[masked] at the right time and enter password[masked]. <--] ["Juanita" with Afre Woodard [TV-MA].] Most Saturday nights, you'll find us watching a popular movie here at the Center in a fun, informal atmosphere. Then we have a discussion. We don't discuss the movie, though; we discuss personal growth issues and themes that came up in the movie. So we're not doing a "Siskel and Ebert" type of review, but rather an in-depth personal growth process that helps us get to know ourselves and each other better. During the discussion we learn and practice essential communication skills like I-Statements and Open-Ended Questions, so that we can apply them more effectively in the rest of our lives. Each month there's a different general topic for the videos, ranging from Relationships to Overcoming Obstacles to Remarkable People. This month‘s topic is ** Self-Discovery **. Come join us! Ages 18 and up. Free.


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1 - 2 pm. [--> ONLINE INTERACTIVE ONLY. Download Zoom.us, join Meeting[masked] at the right time and enter password[masked]. <--] In an effort to improve the peaceful conditions in the world, we host a monthly quiet meditation, where all beliefs and religious traditions are honored. Following the meditation, participants are welcome to share camaraderie. Ages 14 and up. Free.


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2:30 - 3:30 pm. --> VIDEO ONLY! Join the conversation from home. Just download Zoom.us and join meeting[masked]. password[masked]<-- Learn the fascinating, uplifting truth about the world around us through award-winning DVD's. Each episode is an hour long. We are starting with the cinematically gorgeous series "One Strange Rock," which is about the Earth and includes eight episodes. Free.


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7 - 8:30 pm. [--> ONLINE INTERACTIVE ONLY. Download Zoom.us and join Meeting[masked] at the right time. Then type the password[masked]. <--] Sum Faht meditation is a practice that integrates mind, body, and spirit by combining traditional seated meditation in stillness with standing, walking, and guided movement meditations. This type of meditation involves allowing the energy within you to move through you in whatever way it needs. Sometimes it is a vocalization, sometimes a movement of the body, sometimes stillness. It looks different for everyone. And it changes for each person. Sum Faht meditation activates the divine energies of the spiritual heart. In working with these energies, we open the heart, become more intuitive, and more able to heal our selves and others. Ages 12 and up. Love Offering.

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