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August Meetup in Newburgh!

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Kale K. and 5 others


Almost since the very beginning of Hudson Valley Tech Meetup, our members have been asking us to come to Orange County. Now, thanks to the generous support of our sponsor Jacobowitz and Gubits (;

and the local leadership of Volum8 ( founder and creative director, Charlie Graham (;

and the vision of our partners at Pattern for Progress (, it's finally going to happen!

We are excited to convene in a gorgeous room in Kaplan Hall together looking out over our majestic Hudson River. The room (mostly made of glass) and all AV services are generously provided by our hosts at SUNY Orange (


Whatsoever are we to do with ourselves? Fear not!

First, from 5:30 to 6:15 we will get to know each other while enjoying an assortment of locally made tasty treats on small plates from Fresh Start Cafe ( This will be accompanied by a locally brewed (national award winning) creme ale donated by Paul Halayko of Newburgh Brewing Company (

Starting at 6:15 we will gather together around the warmth of the projector while your hosts regale you with a brief but heartfelt tale of the origins of Hudson Valley Tech Meetup. [spoiler alert] much thanking of many people will be involved.

Possibly most exciting for us will be the opportunity to introduce you to the latest organizer of HV Tech, local man of mystery, possessor of good taste in all things, Charlie Graham (

Charlie oversees the Orange County chapter of HVTM from the most perfect coffee counter that a creative digital studio ever built. I challenge Tim Cook himself to bring one of his personal baristas to throw down at Volum8 ( any day. Even Apple can learn a thing or two in Orange County when Charlie presides over a hand-ground, hand-poured cup-a-joy.

Charlie will take the reins and tell us a bit about himself and his vision as a regional tech community leader before introducing the first speaker, himself!

What better way to get to know your host than to learn a bit more about his work and the work of his firm. Charlie will tell us all about how two Hudson Valley based startups came together to build an experience, challenge the leader of an emerging market, and show the true value of the valley. He calls it:

Making It in the Hudson Valley; The story of Vine Van Gogh (

Next we'll hear from Shauna Keating (, a recent graduate from SUNY New Paltz with a BFA in Graphic Design residing here in the Hudson Valley.

Her talk is entitled:

Inclusive Design for User Interfaces

Shauna will present a compelling case for the great potential in making your digital project vastly more accessible by optimizing for disabilities including color blindness, dyslexia, and vision impairment. These kinds of enhancements don't only result in a wider audience being able to access the content in your product, but also make a higher quality experience that will attract typical users too. These concepts were developed through research for a project called Mobility Map, a way-finding solution for mobility impaired individuals to navigate pedestrian settings more efficiently.

Having scored a job through Hudson Valley Tech Meetup as a digital artist at Evolving Media Network (, Shauna has decided to stay in the region and pursue her interests in design innovation. Lucky us!

ps: as I write this, Shauna is on her way to Thoughtbot ( in NYC to present at the A11yNYC ( - Accessibility New York Meetup.

For our third and final presentation of the day we will turn the stage over to an anchor institution that has been helping the Hudson Valley to grow, evolve and progress for over 50 years. They have many a song to sing and this one, in two parts, goes like this:

Changing the paradigm in Newburgh one neighborhood at a time.

While a city that has felt the impact of a number of fiscal, public safety and social service issues, Newburgh still possesses enormous potential which we are witnessing daily as it emerges at an accelerating pace. Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress (, along with several partners will announce the creation of a Creative Neighborhood. While small in geographic size it is complementary to other efforts happening in other parts of the city and can serve as a catalyst for job creation. The goal of the neighborhood, is simple - create an environment that seeks to attract people with ideas and cluster them so they can feed off of each other. This creates a unique area of the city that can be marketed to attract entrepreneurs who are socially responsible and are willing to help be part of its revitalization. Incorporating open space, affordable housing, historic sites, live/work space, access to the Hudson River and opportunities for the city's young residents to advance themselves are among the neighborhood's goals.

Yay! That's our first ever Hudson Valley Tech Meetup for Newburgh, friends! We really hope you like it.

After talks are over, you will be welcome to hang for a bit and continue conversations while we pour the rest of the liquid gold from Newburgh Brewing Company and pack up our digital assets.

We can't wait to meet you at the MeetUp!


We are seeking a few volunteers to help us with setup and service at the meetup. If you would like to help out please email

A shoutout of thanks to Jenny ( who will be joining us as a volunteer at this meetup! We really appreciate the help!


Between talks there will be breaks for community announcements. If you'd like to make a community announcement please contact Be prepared to provide one 4x3 slide about your subject. Please limit your announcement to only a couple of minutes. Thank you.


If you are in a local non-profit organization that is doing community work in the Hudson Valley and you would like a table at Hudson Valley Tech Meetup to share your information with others, just let us know. We want to connect your mission to our audience. Don't be shy.
SUNY Orange Kaplan Hall
1 Washington Ctr · Newburgh, NY
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