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Student Meetup at SUNY New Paltz

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Join us for our first ever student-focused edition of the Hudson Valley Tech Meetup! Our goal in doing this is connecting the local tech community to the college students here in the Hudson Valley.

By bringing the events to campuses themselves, we hope to make HV Tech more accessible to the students. We are proud to partner with SUNY New Paltz in this effort.

We encourage any students interested in joining us to do so, regardless of their field of study.

If you are not a student yourself, but would like to connect with students or share opportunities with them, we also encourage you to attend. You do not need to be a New Paltz student to attend.


An map of parking lots and the building location on campus can be found at: SUNY New Paltz Student Meetup Parking Map (


Eileen M. Uchitelle, Senior Systems Engineer at Github

Prior to being hired into Github's Platform Systems team, Eileen was on the Security, Infrastructure, and Performance team at Basecamp. She is an avid contributor to open source focusing most of her energy on improving the Ruby on Rails framework. She's is a member of the Rails Committers team and the Rails Security team. Eileen is also a speaker and has presented at many conferences on performance, Active Record, and contributing to Rails.

Before all of that, Eileen was a part of SUNY New Paltz's BFA in Photography program, from which she graduated in 2009. Her talk is called Community Driven Career Development, in which she will discuss her journey into the world of programming and how she advanced her career by participating in the communities surrounding the work she was doing.

Melanie Axelrod, Designer at Clutter Studios

Hailing from upstate New York and descended from vikings, Melanie is a recent Graphic Design graduate from SUNY New Paltz with a passion for all things creative. She was born with an insatiable hunger for knowledge that never faded, and strives to constantly push and question her own boundaries. With three semesters of Engineering as a base to her Graphic Design education, she uses both mindsets in the pursuit of innovative solutions for every problem she can get her hands on.

Melanie's specialty is UI/UX & web design, but what sets her apart from many others in her field is her talent for designing presentations, be it a slide deck or a case study for a portfolio. Her presentation is going to focus on the art of designing an effective presentation, even if you are not a designer yourself.

Johnny LeHane, Managing Partner, Hudson Valley Startup Fund

Johnny is passionate about filling the need for local Hudson Valley access to capital for high-growth potential companies. After 8 years at AOL in software quality assurance during the birth of the consumer internet, Johnny founded CLUBWAKA, now the industry-leading national social sports company. Johnny is active in several founder communities, including the Business Owners Council of NY and the Hudson Valley Startup Fund.

Johnny is going to talk about his "Why," his entrepreneur's journey, and how it all lead to the formation of the Hudson Valley Startup Fund. He will tell us about the importance of the angel investment group providing seed capital to local companies.


Brandon Walsh, Co-Organizer & Computer Science student ('17)

Shauna Keating, Co-Organizer & Graphic Design Alum ('16)

Pablo Marti, Co-Organizer & Computer Science student ('17)


Kristin Backhaus, Dean of the Business School at SUNY New Paltz

Colin Wakeford, SUNY New Paltz Computer Science Club President

Marissa Carroll, Design Society of SUNY New Paltz President

If you have a club on campus interested in partnering with us, please send an email to Brandon Walsh,


The Business School at SUNY New Paltz


The Business School of SUNY New Paltz
The School of Fine and Performing Arts of SUNY New Paltz
The School of Science and Engineering of SUNY New Paltz
CSB Auditorium, SUNY New Paltz
Coykendall Science Building, SUNY New Paltz · New Paltz, NY
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