First Meetup of the DECADE!

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Was your new years resolution to get more involved in your community? Meet new people? Get out more? Then kick off a whole new decade with the HVtech crew!

Join us for the first meetup of the year! We will kick off 2020 with some insightful conversation lead by some incredible local individuals.

We're also excited to welcome back Studio Stu & The Rhythm Method featuring Paul Duffy & Brian Melick ( for musical accompaniment. Come enjoy their musical stylings while you make friends & connections.

There will be local food and beverage, nonprofits, and some great conversation. We look forward to seeing familiar faces and new friends alike.


*Eliza Edge & Stephanie Erwin*
Cahoots Co.
Cahoots Co. Founders Eliza Edge and Stephanie Erwin will discuss the opportunities (and challenges) of starting a circular economy inspired business. Through their own experiences piloting a children’s outfit rental service based in Kingston, Eliza and Stephanie continue to navigate the limitations of available technology to create a lean model that encourages renting seasonal outfits over wardrobe ownership, artfully mends and repairs garments over throwing them out, and does not sacrifice sustainability for convenience.


*Kianga Daverington*
Bitcoin & The Future History of Money
Bitcoin is the newest technology to serve the function of money. It is an invention for the digital age designed to solve a problem that has persisted for all of humanity’s existence: how to move economic value across time and space. Drawing upon research presented in Saifedean Ammous’ book, The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking, Kianga will discuss the history of money and share thoughts on Bitcoin from her perspective as an attorney and cryptoasset investment advisor.


*Dan Stone*
From Concept To Product: A Guide To Rapid App Development
We are sad to announce that Noelle Morris will not be joining us for this event due to a family emergency. Fortunately, our friend Dan Stone has volunteered to step in as our third speaker for this event. We look forward to learning from his experience and expertise on rapid app development!
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