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HTM Meeting #286 - 3 Cs of Inspiration
Hyderabad Toastmasters, the first community Toastmasters club of Hyderabad, is a not-for-profit club where members from all walks of life come together with a common aim to improve their public speaking and leadership skills by mutually supporting each other. Join us for the Regular meeting with theme 3Cs of Inspiration There so much to learn! We hope all of us benefit from this session. TMoD: TM RK Boddu GE: TM TT Master: TM SRK WMG: TM Ah Counter: TM Saadi Timer: TM Listener: TM Vote Counter: Photographer/Videographer: Speaker 1: TM ; Evaluator 1: TM Speaker 2: TM ; Evaluator 2: TM Speaker 3: TM ; Evaluator 3: TM **Important points for all attendees: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ * Starting November 2018, the guest fee will be Rs 150/-. ____________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ - Meeting venue: Alliance Francaise of Hyderabad ( ), Banjara Hills - Please don't park in the lane in front of the building (its challan prone zone), take a right, and park in Sri Satya Sai Nigamaagamam parking - We allow casual dress which is clean, neat and in good taste- Jeans & T-shirts are fine but don’t dress too casual. No shorts, and no slippers for men - If your plans change later, do cancel your RSVP, so others get a chance - Reach the venue before 9:40 am, meetings shall start at sharp 10:00 am - Through the meeting, you get to participate in feedback and voting. For the same, please carry a pen when you come to the meeting. - Please make sure your meetup Photo shows your face clearly - For Non-Toastmasters (Guests), we accept the payments (150 INR) through PayTM/cash - for this meeting. "The Toastmasters Journey" Once a Toastmaster, always a toastmaster. How well does this sentence resonate with you? Join us for the upcoming meeting as our Toastmaster of the Day, Ali takes us through us through this beautiful journey – making friends, learning, the experiences, attending meetings, events, taking up roles & mentoring. To forgive is an attribute of the strong mind. We have an education session on “Forgiveness”. Following are the Word and Idiom of the day. Please incorporate these into your vocabulary and start using them. Idiom: Bite the bullet Meaning: 1. To get something over with because it is inevitable 2. To be brave and face a difficult situation Usage: 1. When the time comes, I’ll bite the bullet and take my punishment without a fuss 2. The accused man bit the bullet as the judge handed down his sentence Word: Impeccable Meaning: Perfect, Flawless Usage: 1. She had an impeccable reputation 2. Our marching was good but not always impeccable ***Would you like to receive more updates on our activities? Subscribe and share our social media channels shown below. • Facebook: • Google+: • Twitter: • YouTube:

Alliance Française

Aurora colony, Road no.3, Banjara Hills (Road Adjacent To Q-Mart Opp. TV9), T-junction At The End Of The Road · Hyderabad


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    Hyderabad Toastmasters, the 1st community Toastmasters club of Hyderabad, is a not-for-profit club where members from all walks of life come together with a common aim to improve their public speaking and leadership skills by mutually supporting each other.

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