Women in Tech - Leadership Panel


Join LAUX and the International Design Foundation for our first ever women in tech leadership panel featuring trailblazing women currently leading in the areas of UX and design within the LA area. Attendees will get to hear their stories of success, insight on the future of UX and gain beneficial advice for those looking to start a career in technology and UX.

Afterwards, we’ll open the floor for Q&A and networking. Come out, get inspired and leave feeling empowered!

This is a gender-inclusive event! Special thanks to Blankspaces for hosting us!

Event hashtags are #WomenLAUX, @LAUXmeetup.

Speaker Profiles (in alphabetical order):
-Katya Bachrouche (Associate Product Manager @GoDaddy)
-Jess Brown (UX Director @VICE)
-Nuzi Barkatally (Former Experience Design Lead @Dollar Shave Club)
-Grace Lau (UX Architect @PatientPop Inc.)
-Jaime Levy (UX Strategy book by O’Reilly Media)
-Matina Moreira (Service and UX designer)

Moderators + Event Co-Producers:
-Jessica Brown (LAUX)
-Zoe Dove-Many (LAUX)

Executive Event Producer:
-Noel Saw

Volunteer Team Lead/Co-Producer:
- Sophia Stodieck

LAUXmeetup Owner, Leader:
-Crystal Ehrlich, @cbehrlich

Partner Groups
-Content Strategy SoCal Meetup
-International Design Foundation, Los Angeles
-Orange County UX (OCUX)

Werklabs, and Patient Pop

Parking Info:
To avoid the weekend traffic congestion, park at the Santa Monica Library which is walking distance to Blankspaces.

Santa Monica Library is located at:
601 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90401