• <Virtual>[.NET@Noon] Approaches to Reverse Engineering C# Applications

    Have you ever needed to investigate a C# application that you do not have the source code for? This presentation will focus on approaches to reverse engineering C# applications. We'll look at the most commonly used tools for reverse engineering C# applications, including ILSpy and Dotpeek. We'll also discuss some of the common goals and objectives when reverse engineering C# applications from both a development and a security perspective.

    [Speaker - Nick Starke]

    Nick Starke is a Threat Researcher at Aruba Networks, A Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. In his work capacity he focuses on firmware and platform security as well as reverse engineering both native binary applications and applications in higher level languages such as C# and Java. When he is not working, Nick enjoys spending time with his family.

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    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM - Presentation

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