[.NET@Noon] Resilient smart homes with Docker & .NET Core on a Raspberry Pi


Ever flooded your basement because you didn’t write a unit test? How would you write a unit test for that?

When most people think of smart homes they don’t treat it like a production environment. What happens if you’re controlling something important and the internet goes down? Power goes out? Hardware fails? Or in Austin’s case it rains a lot more than you expected?

In this session Austin will show:

* How and why to set up Open Source home automation software on easily replaceable hardware.
* Adding resilience with disaster recovery planning.
* How to easily add functionality using existing Docker image add-ons and how to create our own.
* Using .Net Core to handle critical logic and leveraging community tested code for the rest.
* How in the world you write a unit test to keep your basement from flooding (and also why you shouldn’t)

[Meeting Agenda]
• 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM - Pizza Lunch/Networking
• 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM - Presentation

Speaker - Austin Thompson

Austin Thompson is developer at CO-OP Financial Services with a love of learning and almost 20 years of professional experience. While focused on all things .Net for most of his career, he at one time owned only Linux machines while working on embedded systems. When not coding or spending time with his family, he enjoys reading, learning the piano, and doing dumb things with smart homes.

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