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What we’re about

A social club for Autism & Asperger teens and young adults where they can develop their communication and social skills as they engage with one another at events they are most interested in. 

Our social events provide great opportunities for making connections and building friendships with other teens & young adults that share common interests.

Our primary focus is to create a fun and engaging environment for everyone. A group where parents can also network with each other and socialize as well with like-minded people. If your love one is looking to make friends and have fun, then this group is for them.

1. We request that you please observe hygiene, showering, etc. Remember that you will be sitting with other people and part of autism is sensory sensitivity.
2. Harassment is a No No. Please do not sexually harass the members in this group. Please do not invade their personal space. If a person does not want you to touch them, please do not touch them. If two people are talking. Please do not interrupt them. If a person does not want to give you their contact info. Please leave them alone and respect their decision. If a person does not want to answer a question that is sensitive to them. Please leave them alone and respect their decision. If someone does not want to talk to you. Please leave them alone and respect their decision. If someone needs to step outside for breathing space. Please let them and do not harass them. If someone does not want to go out with you. Please accept no for an answer.
Depending on the level of harassment committed by someone, it will result in the immediate ban of him/her from this group.
3. All members please report any concerns, fears, questions, or comments to the organizers so we may help you. Your identity will be kept anonymous. We will NOT allow people to harass you or confront you, for your security.
4. No fighting, no picking fights, no physical assault.
5. We hold a number of socials as well as breakfast/lunch/dinner socials.... please no stealing other people's food.
6. There is no bigotry. this is an inclusive group.... please treat your fellow members with respect.
7. No stalking, no online harassment. If anyone feels that a fellow member is online harassing them, IAmCollegeLife will be happy to intervene.

Email with the Subject Header "Meetup HR Question-" and include your first name
Then start the email body with, "Hello Mrs. Houston"
Ms. Houston will answer your questions and concerns with leadership or the events. She will also help resolve any conflicts or complaints.