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This meetup group is run by the IBM Developer NYC team and its extended family. It is intended to further expand your application development and DevOps skills through workshops, tech talks, and social engagements.

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Workshop: Reactive Java Programming for the Impatient

IBM Cloud Garage / Galvanize

Today applications are deployed on everything from mobile devices to cloud-based clusters running thousands of multi-core processors. Users expect millisecond response times and 100% uptime. A coherent approach to systems architecture is needed. We want systems that are Responsive, Resilient, Elastic and Message Driven. We call these Reactive Systems. Reactive Architecture grew out of a need for software to remain fast and responsive when presented with the unique challenges of the modern world. This workshop will introduce you to the principles that drive the movement towards Reactive Systems. This engaging and progressive hands coding session will invite developers to code along and learn how these programs and systems can be built. Pre-Reqs Since we will be covering Java you should already be comfortable with running Java, compiling it ( Javac ) And it’s common build tools like Maven or Gradle While it is not necessary for the attendees to have experience in reactive style of programming, an understanding of and some basic experience on the traditional imperative programming style is highly recommended. Please bring a laptop. Get a head start and join IBM Cloud via: https://ibm.biz/BdzdS6 Agenda: - 630-7pm - Doors Open for Networking & Food - 7-9pm - Workshop - 9pm - Venue closes About the Presenter Grant Steinfeld is the IBM Developer Advocate for Blockchain, Java, and NodeJS. Grant is an accomplished and innovative senior software architect and engineer with a reputation for delivering client-focused solutions. He is a problem solver and team mentor with the ability to work with and manage development teams. He is able to interface with senior management and product teams in order to translate business requirements and challenges into project plans and solutions.


NYIT Auditorium on Broadway

A fireside-chat with IBM Architect and Quantum Computing Ambassador, Mark Mattingly-Scott. In addition to being a leader in emerging technologies, Mark is also a musician, producer, and publisher. The conversation will span both creative and technical topics. Exploring creativity in enterprise technology and new technologies being leveraged by creative professionals.

How to Encrypt Your Enterprise at Scale

Everyone understands the importance of encrypting sensitive data. It turns out that is easier said than done in the case of at-scale business data. Existing approaches rely on identifying sensitive data and selectively encrypting it, which can be problematic given the vast amounts of data in today’s enterprises. Our solution is to encrypt ALL data everywhere – at rest and in flight – thus eliminating the guess work of selecting data. This solution is unique to IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE. In this meetup we will discuss: • The challenges of encrypting data at scale • Why just 4% of records breached since 2013 were encrypted • A high-level view of the hardware behind our encryption solution • On-prem implementations • Using this hardware solution in IBM Cloud Get a head start and join IBM Cloud at: https://ibm.biz/Bdzcjy Agenda: - 6:30-7pm - Doors Open for Networking & Food - 7-8pm - Presentation - 8-830pm - Q&A + Networking - 830pm - Venue closes About the Presenter Matthew Cousens is Developer Advocate for Z & LinuxONE at IBM. He received a B.S. in Computer Science without any knowledge of testing or mainframes and went on to a successful career doing just that on the IBM Z platform. Matt has worked in every major phase of the software testing lifecycle and has experienced first-hand the transition from waterfall to agile techniques. In his current role as a Developer Advocate, Matt is responsible for speaking about the business value of the mainframe and the technology that enables that value. You can follow Matt on twitter at @CousensMatthew

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