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This meetup group is run by the IBM Developer NYC team and its extended family. It is intended to further expand your application development and DevOps skills through workshops, tech talks, and social engagements.

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Monitoring Modern Kubernetes Workloads in the Cloud

Galvanize - New York

Legacy tools are blinded by the radical changes in cloud-native architecture. Cloud-native architectures simplify development while increasing operations complexity. You need a new way to visualize and secure your Cloud Native Services and Applications. In this Talk/Demo you will gain deep knowledge of how IBM Kubernetes Services and Sysdig will assist you in your daily development and operations with real world examples such as: * Deep visibility on your Cloud Native workloads allowing you to alert and troubleshoot issues such as pod’s crash-looping or capacity restraints in Kubernetes. * Integrating Sysdig Secure into your CI/CD processes running in your kubernetes workloads, to block vulnerable images as well as create policies for things such as PCI or NIST standards. * Secure and Enforce compliance by creating a compliance scan and using our CNCF project Sysdig Falco ruleset, creating a simple falco rule and watching it enforce within a service in realtime. Get a head start with IBM Cloud via https://ibm.biz/BdzZNB About the Presenter: Aaron Huslage, Senior Solutions Engineer, is an accomplished technologist, open source hardware designer, open source software contributor, writer, leader and entrepreneur. Aaron has been a System Administrator and System Architect for major corporations such as Microsoft and Major League Baseball. Aaron focuses on automation and systems thinking. Scripting, DevOps and System Design are in his blood. He has also contributed his expertise to various media properties like GigaOm and O’Reilly Media. Aaron was formerly on the organizing committee for O’Reilly Media’s ETel conference.

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