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Mayday Mayday! Let's make 2018 Amazing!
Ok, so quarter one...done.... quarter two - well on it's way. What are you going to do to get momentum for the second quarter? All of my predictions from Jan (resolutions, etc are in the rear view mirror) and I'll still say.... But what about YOU - yeah YOU,...let's support each other and actually BE different in 2018. Additionally, come out and support Local Foster Youth . May is National Foster Care Month. How can you help?? We've got many projects happening in this area and could always use help.... If your business is NOT growing at the rate you want it to - reserve your seat, buckle your seatbelt, and hang on! Or, you could go to some worthless meeting (how about another one-on-one "coffee" meeting?), update your facebook page (with fantastic details about your last meeting), file some papers, or whatever else fits into a "wow my week is really packed" (with activity). Bring a pen and paper (your i-pad, play-doh, or crayons) because this one is LOADED full of good stuff (aren't they all?!?!). Handouts will be handed out and solutions will be flying - buckle your seat belts. Be prepared. The Ignite Your Business MeetUp will break the boundaries of any mastermind, meetup, or networking group you have ever experienced. This meetup group is focused heavily on your personal and professional development. I/we will challenge you to be your best. Please note: * Participation is expected; this is an interactive environment structured to facilitate growth * This is a learning group facilitated by an experienced professional (some would say a "World Class" Trainer and Speaker) * Please be prompt, engaged and ready to absorb/participate THIS IS NOT: * A hang-out zone for lazy drones looking for the next best shiny thing in personal development. (Empty)Toolboxes, (please) stay home. “ I wish I'd gone sooner to one of Brian's meetups. ” You don't want to be saying this.. Reserve your spot today! We're going to start off with the "solution chair" where we "speed solve" any issue or problem you want to work on. Next we'll do 90 min of results based training (yes I'll work on keeping that as close to that time as I can ) 5:45 - 6:15 Individual Networking - Perfect Place to Practice your "elevator speech" (although utilizing that might be challenging as to the number of elevators you encounter on a daily basis...but that's another story.) 6:15 - 6:45 - Solution Chair - Bring a problem, and maybe you're the lucky recipient of the ENTIRE groups experience and knowledge solving it! 7:00 - 8:30 - Skills and Training - Setting the stage for the Second Quarter! Come join us for a round of networking plus skills and training that you can immediately apply to increase your business. Here is your opportunity to get together with other like minded professionals and build not only your business but your community as well. Our Meetups are a great place to meet (and network) with other business owners and entrepreneurs right here in Sacramento.

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It’s easy to get lost in the sea of sexy sessions and seminars you can attend these days to “strengthen your online brand”, “think your way to success” and “blog and tweet like a pro”. But when push comes to shove, if you don’t have your business foundation laid properly, you won’t see results.

The first week of the month we will be covering relevant (read implementable) training topics coupled with some individual and group networking.

To quote from Tom Friedmans (three-time Pulitzer winning New York Times foreign affairs columnist) Tulane University Commencement Speech : "…So get off Facebook (;drawer-container) and into someone’s face.” (but be relevant...make it count - in other words no lame "one-on-one's" or "fireside" chats)

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