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BUY YOUR 2018 IGNITE YOUR INNER SPEAKER PASS FOR ONLY $199.00! Greetings and Happy New Year my Ignite Your Inner Speaker Friends! Make 2018 a BREAKTHROUGH YEAR for yourself! Breakthrough to new levels of confidence and personal charisma. Breakthrough to greater eloquence in your communications. Breakthrough to more wisdom and more insights you can use to strengthen people around you. Breakthrough to more passion for public speaking. Breakthrough to more drive and determination to be the absolute best communicator and person you can be! To help keep you on the Breakthrough path I'm offering you a VERY SPECIAL OFFER. Until JAN 15th BUY A 2018 IGNITE YOUR INNER SPEAKER ALL EVENT PASS FOR ONLY $199.00. JUST RSVP to this event to officially be part of my 2018 Breakthrough Club! It's set up as an event to facilitate the payment for the pass and also because towards at year end I'm going to lead an extra special event for the people who RSVP'd to this. An event you'll remember for the rest of your life! An event that will confirm that this was your public speaking breakthrough year! You won't want to miss it! And in the meantime come to any or every Ignite event you want! This is the beginning of my 5th year of leading Ignite Your Inner Speaker and I'm determined to make this the best year yet. I'm pulling out all the stops and making improvements that will make Ignite Your Inner Speaker an even more powerful and transformative experience for everyone who participates. LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ON THE BREAKTHROUGH PATH! Believe, Build, and Breakthrough! Bruce Hunt

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Do you suffer from public speaking fear or anxiety? Do you blush, shake, stammer or feel as if you're shutting down inside when you have to express yourself in front of an audience? Would you like to break free of this self-limiting and self-sabotaging fear? Does being part of a community of people who understand you and want to support you in your quest to conquer the fear sound good to you? If your answer is YES to any of the above questions then Ignite Your Inner Speaker is for you.


Hello. I'm Bruce Hunt ( Ignite Your Inner Speaker is my own unique and inspiring approach to helping people break the grip of public speaking fear and to develop their public speaking and communication skills. Ignite Your Inner Speaker combines elements of a public speaking class with elements of an inspirational personal growth class which among many other things helps you:

• Build public speaking skills and confidence.

• Boost your body language and personal presence.

• Learn to communicate clear and concise messages in realtime.

• Accelerate improvement with coaching and encouragement.

• Enhance your self-knowledge and self-awareness.

• Connect with amazing people and hear their inspiring stories.



Week Night Events: $19.97

Saturday Events: $49.97


Learn more about Ignite Your Inner Speaker. (


I suffered for years from the fear of public speaking so I know first hand what an awful curse it can feel like to have your potential locked up inside of yourself by the fear. It can feel like you're being forced to accept less of a life than you deserve. Don't do that!


I did and YOU can too! What finally got me ready to end my fear was a horrible public speaking experience at work. I just locked up inside in the middle of a presentation and couldn't remember what I was talking about or why I was even up there. It was humiliating but it hindsight that "disaster" was a bit of a gift because it forced me to finally commit to conquering my fear of public speaking.

I decided if it took the rest of my life I would walk in front of audiences free of fear! I committed to saying YES to every speaking opportunity I could find. With courage I never knew I had I lead presentations at work, I mc'd friend's weddings, I joined public speaking clubs and I signed up for public speaking contests. I even tried stand up comedy. I said YES to them all.

Was that easy? NO! But necessary? YES!

I wasn't any sort of overnight sensation but gradually I reclaimed my confidence in front of an audience and even began to learn to enjoy myself there.

Somewhere along the way an organization offered me money to speak to their people about my personal quest to conquer public speaking fear. I said NO. :) Then I gathered my nerve and said YES. That lead to me saying YES to public speaking in a way I never dreamed could have ever been possible for me. I said YES to making it my career. I started Toronto Speakers Academy ( and have never looked back. You could say I went from public speaking fear to public speaking career! Now I enjoy helping other people conquer public speaking fear and tap into their fuller potential.

From the moment I started my company I knew that I wanted to do 3 things with my life:

1. Make it my personal mission to help others overcome public speaking fear.

2. Invent a more fun and inspiring way to build speaking confidence and skills.

3. Build a community of courageous and inspiring people to share my journey with.

The result is Ignite Your Inner Speaker.

Start your journey now. RSVP YES to one of our upcoming Ignite Your Inner Speakers events and come meet amazing people who share your goal and vision. Something got you all the way to the bottom of this page. Trust it! :) Say YES and come discover the amazing experience we have in store for you.

If you'd prefer private coaching by all means contact me at or visit my Accelerate Your Speaking Program ( page learn some details about what I offer.

I look forward to meeting you and so do the other members of this group!

For a fuller description of what IYIS is read the about page. ABOUT IYIS (


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