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Bridging the gap between artist and spectator, it is the duty of every true art lover to engage more fully with the world in a way that transcends theory. "Life is art". Technology is evolving, community & communication is evolving and we will endeavor to boldly go where no bureaucrat has gone before :)

In the interests of developing a meaningful community within this meetup group (and respect for Dunbar's number (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunbar%27s_number)), inactive memberships are cancelled (after a polite email warning). .

The Sydney arts scene is on the move. This group is helping shape the shift by immersing ourselves in the more innovative events and meeting up with adventurous minds.

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MP3 Audio Book Club
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There are a couple of good book clubs on meetup (members have a month to read a book then read to discuss). However I like to listen MP3 audiobooks nowadays and the novels they chose are not always available for download. Of course those who prefer physical books can still participate (and I will help those who are unsure about downloading).

I have set up a separate meetup group just for this:

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