What we're about

Do you want to become someone who can do Improv to stun people with your creativity and ability to immerse yourself in the moment?

Do you already stun people like that, but worry about not getting enough practice to keep up your Improv chops?

Would you like to watch people create something out of nothing effortlessly and blow your mind with their internal resourcefulness?

Are you a researcher in the field of human systems dynamics, psychological safety, collaboration, remote working, self-improvement, change-fatigue, self-organization, group relations theory, semiotics, entrainment, stygmergy, participatory design, or self-management.

Then, this is for you. We're literally doing this for you to get what you want. No other reason. Your repayment to the organizers and participants is silent observation. We'll ask if we want feedback.

All participation is strictly optional, and nobody is allowed to goad anyone into doing anything.

The professional Facilitator or Coach will offer a simple structure to experiment with various Improvisation exercises, and then facilitate a group debrief to elicit learning and new avenues for future inquiry.

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