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What we’re about

Welcome to the colorful and fun world of Improv!

Improv (also known as Improvisational theatre or Impro) is the art of playing different games in the moment, without preparations or script. The improvisers are acting, directing themselves, writing the plot and interacting with each other all at the same time without previous planning. It is all about being positive and having plenty of fun together!

Improv offers a chance to relax, really be yourself, bring out your inner child and drop your defenses in a safe and positive enviromement. We, kind of improvise all the time in real life, we don't plan every conversation and interaction that is going to happen to us during the day. Many of the best bits of life are totaly spontaneous, and this is what we try to recreate in a more creative way in Improv.

Improv also improves intuition, trains creativity and teamwork, gives more confidence in all sorts of social situations. Improv helps even with business skills by training your mind to think quickly and react to unexpected situations. Can you believe that?!

MIIP (Malmö International Improv Players) is a group of positive, laugh-loving and open-minded improv addicts from all around the world. We have been meeting for couple of years now, twice a week in central Malmö. We often invite professional improvisers or experienced improv-friends in order to develop our skills. Once in a while we give performances. We are always open for new ideas and new enthusiastic improvisers.

Join us and a excitiiiiing new world will open up for you!!!

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