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What we’re about

India’s entrepreneurial landscape is strewn with dead start-ups nearly 98% of new businesses fail—mainly because of blurred strategies, a lack of proper mentoring and a paucity of funding.How to commercialize an idea or a product remains the biggest challenge for todays Start-Ups. Few entrepreneurs realize that they can design business models to generate winner-take-all effects. Appraising models in a stand-alone fashion leads to faulty assessments of their strengths and weaknesses and bad decision-making. This is the reason why despite having a magnificent idea, due lack of proper support and assistance so many new business models fail. 

To support high potential ideas move past the conceptual stage, “INCUBATION UMBRELLA “ provides a unique solution to aspiring Entrepreneurs with end-to-end business development assistance. So it is an ideal oppurtunity for young and budding entrepreneurs to get associated with us and get proper assistance and mentorship simultaneously.

This session will be very helpful for.

Budding Entrepreneurs 


IT Professionals who are contemplating Business

Anyone who wants to capitalise any IDEA they got.

In this Meet-up, We are going to tell you about present scenario  of our economy and how they can Viably and  fesably commence their own venture. we are going to offer guidance and support for startups about compliance, Taxation and Fund Raising.

Followed by General discussion, we are going to have brainstorming sessions in "converting ideas into revenue mode" personal Interactions and feedback and query sessions. Tea and snacks will be provided free of cost .

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