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A Painter needs only a paintbrush and a canvas; a musician needs only two turntables and a microphone! Yet to be a filmmaker it seems thousands of dollars are needed to make something that nobody is going to see anyway or to be an actor you must wait for someone else to give you exposure. If you're one of those people waiting around for financing to come through so you can make or star in Citizen Kane II that's cool, I'm not.

This organization is for people who have stories to tell and opinions to express. Lots of people sit around and talk of all the great things they are going to do, that's not you. You want to get out there and make interesting films/videos with few resources beyond your brain and drive.

So if you like writing, shooting video, acting, organizing shoots, recording sound, editing sound or video, lighting, costume, set design, location, make-up, animation or whatever, just come out and get involved, it will be fun and rewarding.

This is not about being cool, it doesn't matter if you want to be involved in controversial stuff or kids stuff, bring whatever you want to the table. Looking forward to hearing your ideas.

Our website: nycfilmcollective.com

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